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Welcome to Holiday Lettings! Choose your perfect rental from over 600,000 holiday homes, villas and apartments in more than 150 countries.

Any holiday, anywhere

Searching for a villa in sunny Spain? No problem. Need a farmhouse for a family reunion? We have it. Want a high-spec condo in the United States? Done. From cottages in Cornwall to chalets in Canada, Holiday Lettings has all that and more.

Apartments and villas with pools are an easy way to add luxury to your holiday rental. But at Holiday Lettings, we like to make your stays special. Alongside apartments on the Algarve and quaint Welsh cottages, we offer some the world’s most unusual stays. Think windmills, lighthouses, yurts, houseboats and yachts. Good luck finding those at a hotel!

Why book a rental?

Holiday rentals offer you the space, facilities and personal touch missing from hotel stays. Imagine a long summer evening in your hot tub, cold drink in hand and food on the barbecue, all for you, your family and friends. There’s no worrying about what time breakfast is or when the pool closes – it’s your kitchen and your pool, after all. This is your holiday, and you set the schedule.

All this freedom doesn’t have to come at a price. There’s a rental to suit every budget, whether you’re planning to splash out on a sauna in Majorca or adopt a cosy apartment in the heart of Barcelona.

List your rental

We’re the UK’s favourite holiday rental site, so there’s no better place to get millions of eyes on your rental, be it a spare room or a whole villa. With one simple listing, you’ll be featured on every Tripadvisor Rentals site worldwide. Better still, French and Italian speakers can easily list in their own language using or

So, whether you’re already in the rental game or hoping to fund your next holiday with some extra income, sign up with Holiday Lettings, today.

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