Photo gallery

Where the rainbow ends.

Walk from the door into open country or visit our two lovely pubs just two minutes down the hill.

The open-plan living space downstairs compliments a holiday atmosphere.

The well-equipped kitchen, part of the open-plan downstairs. Cook, socialise and enjoy the view.

The view from the front door.

Not far from Pemberley?

Up, up, up and away in my beautiful balloon - fly from Tissington or Chatsworth.

Cosy bedrooms with fabulous views across the valley.

The meadow opposite.

The dining area.

A double staircase circumventing a king post truss or vertical beam.

View from the bathroom. Brush your teeth and watch buzzards at the same time.

Through the arched window.

High up on the edge of the village but feels like open country.

A few hundred feet from Chapel House.

Near Rainster Rocks (10 mins walk). Panoramic views towards Parwich. This was once a tropical sea.

A 12kw woodburner and electric heating will keep you warm in winter.

Friendly locals.

Harboro rocks on the village outskirts. A Mecca for climbing beginners.

A green and pleasant land.

Everywhere that I roam...... Show me the way to go home.