Web services for property managers

Save time with automatic updates to your Holiday Lettings listings. All of our web services are free and available for property managers with the technical support available to help set them up.

We have four web services available for property managers advertising with Holiday Lettings. If you’re interested in any of them or would like to find out more, get in touch. Just ask for full technical manuals and documents to help get you started.

Automatic calendar updates

Our Remote Availability Update Service (RAUS) connects your bookings to your Holiday Lettings calendars, keeping them fully up to date. Technically it’s the most simple of our web services and can be set up by a web developer within half a day.

Automatic price updates

Our Remote Tariff Update Service (RTUS) automatically updates your listings with any price changes you make on your site or database.

Fully automated listings

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to fully automate your whole portfolio – whenever an update is made at your end, the change will be seen on Holiday Lettings, and vice versa. It updates existing adverts automatically, updates your system with new enquiries and notifies us when a property needs to come offline. It’s even clever enough to automatically create new adverts on Holiday Lettings with the correct property descriptions, facility details and photos.

To get the full benefit from the API, you’ll also need to use RAUS and RTUS so your calendars and prices are also automatically updated.

One-off imports

If you’d prefer not to have a full automated listing, we can do a one-off import of all of your properties from an XML feed or a CSV file. One-off imports can include property descriptions, details of facilities, photos and prices.

Following the one-off import, you’ll need to use RAUS so your calendars are kept up to date.

17 thoughts on “Web services for property managers

  1. Simon

    Hi there, the link I had from my own website to show the HL calendar is now defunct. How can I find out the URL for my calendar (only)? Property ID is 153592 Many thanks Simon

  2. iacopo

    Hello, I would like to know who to get API manuals ( descriptions, prices, availabilities ) to manage a big quantity of structures. Not trough FAQ but a developer web page or something similar. Thank you.

    1. Kate Post author

      Hello. We can help you with this. Please contact the team here: http://help.holidaylettings.co.uk/contact_form Thank you.

    1. Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

      Hi Gunnar, this isn’t currently a feature we support. Please look out for updates in our monthly newsletter.

  3. Russell

    Hi Kate – like Dietmar I tried the “get in touch” link only to be sent back to the faq-pages section. I would like to know if you can sync the HomeAway Calendar with other rental site calendars e.g. Airbnb. Can you please let me know. I look forward to your reply. Best Russ

    1. Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

      Hi Russell, you can’t currently sync the Holiday Lettings calendar with others, but keep an eye on our monthly newsletters and regular information emails.

  4. Sabeli Villas

    I too have trawled through your FAQ and Spoke to one of your Service Desk operators today, only to be told that it was not possible to have Automatic Calendar Updates. I do not have a Website currently (its under construction), but I do use an Online Reservation Tool, Bookerville.com So as a Manager of several properties on your site for many years, I would be grateful if you could advise how, as you say, “the most simple of your web services” RAUS or preferably iCal can be implemented. Thank you.

    1. Catarina

      Hello Kate, I would like to know if I can have Holidaylettings fully automate with the property management system I use – Bookt (instamanger)? Thank you very much, Catarina

      1. Lucinda Broad

        Hi Catarina, Many thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we can’t allow automated calendar updates on free to list adverts due to the conflict with our Online Booking system. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  5. Rita

    Hello, I’d like to sync the calendars using the ICAL I already manage via google. How can it be done? Thanks very much!

        1. Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

          Sorry, no update on this at present. Keep looking for updates in our monthly newsletters and regular email about new and revised product features. Thanks for your interest in this feature.

  6. Dietmar Weller

    I found this post through the holidaylettings site while I’ve been looking for a way to sync the hl calendar with my online reservation tool described at fungiwo.de. The “get in touch” link in your post leads me to the faq-pages in which I already unsuccessful searched for an answer. Maybe you can bring me in touch with somone who is able to explain how the RAUService can be implemented. Thank you Dietmar


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