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New low-cost ferry to France and Spain

New low-cost ferry to France and Spain‘No-frills’ ferry travel has finally arrived on Brittany Ferries who are now running a low-cost ferry service to France and Spain from the UK.

The new économie service begins on 24 March and comes as a welcome option for both travellers holidaying in mainland Europe and owners of holiday lets visiting their properties.

Costs and journey times

Running between Portsmouth and Le Havre or Santander, the ferry service is 20-25% cheaper than the company’s standard crossings:

  • France: the Portsmouth-Le Havre service runs five times each week and is from £79 (journey time 5hrs 30 mins)
  • Spain: the Portsmouth-Santander service sails at weekends only and is from £169 (journey time around 26 hrs)

Prices quoted are for a one-way économie ticket for two people plus a car.

What you get

Although the Etretat ferry serving the low-cost routes is smaller than the usual ships, it still offers:

  • Deck and lounge areas (with limited reserved seats)
  • En-suite cabins
  • Movie lounge
  • Self-service restaurant
  • Small duty-free shop

What don’t you get

Don’t expect the cruise-style experience you’d usually find with Brittany Ferries:

  • No carpets and tea and coffee making facilities in the cabins
  • No entertainment facilities, specifically for children
  • No cash machines or currency exchange facilities

The smaller size of the no-frills ferries means that accessibility is limited. Check with Brittany Ferries before you book to ensure your mobility needs are catered for.

How do I book?

Visit www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/economie to find out more and book your crossing.

Published: 19 March 2014

Proud to own a holiday home in Cyprus

Rowena owns a holiday home in Cyprus. She shares her thoughts on the bailout and how she expects it to impact her holiday let business. 

In the last few weeks Cyprus has been dominating the press with news of the bailout and the threat of Cypriot banks collapsing. As the owner of a holiday home in Cyprus it’s a worrying time.

Luckily we don’t have any savings in Cyprus, just a mortgage, and as we’ve always planned to keep our holiday home as a long-term investment we’re not too concerned at this stage. My sympathies are of course with the people of Cyprus and anyone affected by the crisis, but on a personal level my main concern is: will it put people off travelling to Cyprus?

There seems to be some misunderstanding as to how tourists are affected. I think ‘The One Show’ on BBC1 covered it very well the other day when they reported from Paphos and interviewed tourists who said it hadn’t been a problem for them. The banks are open, people can get money out of ATMs and there are currently no shortages of petrol, food or any other necessities. Most importantly, the sun is still shining and the locals are as warm, welcoming and friendly as ever.

It seems that whenever a crisis befalls Cyprus, the people of the island don’t fall apart – they come together and unite in their love and passion for their country.  And while there may be hard times ahead, I’m sure that Cyprus will recover and thrive and prosper again. There are already talks of building on the tourism industry to make it even stronger and help support the economy.  So I’m proud to say I still love Cyprus – its charm, history, culture, beauty and most of all its courageous people.

I will keep you updated on how we’re doing as holiday home owners on the island. Do you own a holiday home in Cyprus, or are you considering travelling there for a holiday? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

All the best!