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Fill up your rental calendar with short breaks

Make sure you've added nightly prices

More and more travellers are choosing frequent mini breaks throughout the year, so make sure you’ve set up your account to accept short stays. It’s a great way to fill quieter periods, particularly outside of peak season. You’ll also be in the running to pick up those all-important last-minute short getaways.

If you’ve specified your minimum stay as less than a week, it’s vital to add your nightly prices so that your listing will display accurate costs. Otherwise, guests searching for short breaks will see an amount calculated by dividing your lowest weekly price by seven.

When it comes to setting your pricing, you’re in control. So if you want to charge one rate for week nights and another for weekend nights, it’s up to you. Use local competitor prices as a guide and bear in mind that paying for single nights instead of a whole week is generally more expensive.

Going back and forth over incorrect pricing puts guests off and wastes your time. So specify your nightly prices now to provide a smooth and simple booking process and turn each enquiry into a confirmed booking!

Go to Properties > Prices to add nightly rates and fill up your calendar.