Five easy ways to refresh your listing before peak booking season

Refresh your listing to maximise your bookings

With Christmas fast approaching and peak booking season just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to update your advert.

Here are our five top tips to get you started, but what are yours? Please share them with us by posting a comment at the bottom of this post.

1) Make your summary stand out from the crowd
Your summary is what appears on our search results pages. It’s there to draw guests in and encourage them to click through to your main advert listing, so you might want to re-work it. Highlight any unique selling points, particularly seasonal ones, and remember that to boost the possibilities of your property appearing in search engine rankings, you should keep the text and captions in your ad factual rather than descriptive.

2) Highlight your discounts
If you’ve decided to offer last minute or early bird discounts, make sure they’re highlighted in your summary as well as in your main description. Or to make a statement with your discount, purchase a deal through your account and it will appear on your listing for three weeks and your listing will also be featured on our deals page.

3) Perfect your pictures
Updating your photos can be a great way of refreshing your advert. Remember, always bear your target market in mind and update your lead photo during the year. If you’re aiming to appeal to those dreaming of summer sun after Christmas, for example, choose a sunny image or a photo of your swimming pool.

4) Update your features
Have you added any new features to your property recently? If so, make sure you’ve included them in your advert so your property appears in the right search filters for holidaymakers. Similarly, if certain items are no longer available remove them from your listing to avoid disappointment and complaints.

5) Check your pricing
Guests can’t book and pay if you haven’t set your prices, so make sure they’ve been specified on your advert right through until the end of 2014. If you’re not changing your prices, you’ll still need to update your price table to put 2014 dates against the prices. Otherwise the guest won’t know what you’re charging.

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