5 pricing tips for more bookings

Don't miss out on bookings - read our top tips for pricesHow much will it cost? Alongside ‘Where is it?’ it’s the burning question guests ask when they’re booking a holiday.

So do guests get the answer when they click Prices on your ad? If they don’t you’re wasting their time and yours. But most of all, you’re losing out on bookings and revenue.

With online booking guests can query the price by entering their holiday dates and number of guests. However some guests will look at your table of prices if they’re not quite ready to book so it’s still important for the prices to be crystal clear.

How unclear prices mean missed bookings

Guests are unlikely to book if they can’t easily see how much their holiday will cost. In fact, they’ll probably go elsewhere to find and book another property.

If a guest is still interested in your property, they can contact you to find out how much a stay will cost, wait for an answer and then decide whether to book. Most guests have a shortlist of a few properties to choose from, so while you’re emailing each other about the price, there’s a high chance that they’ll book elsewhere.

Having clear prices lets you seal the deal much more quickly and makes the whole booking process a lot easier for both you and the guest.

5 pricing tips for more bookings

#1 Update your prices

Make sure your prices are bang up to date and you’ve listed prices for forthcoming dates. No guests are interested in what you charged in the past but all guests want to know what you charge now!

#2 Simplify your prices

Put your prices into blocks, e.g. summer, weekends, high season, so it’s easy to see at a glance what it costs to stay at your property.

#3 List prices for short breaks

If you do nightly or weekend lets add prices for these so a guest can easily work out the cost of the 2-night stay and doesn’t waste valuable time asking you.

#4 Think long term

Guests like to get ahead with their holiday plans so list your prices well in advance so they can book with you. We recommend at least 12 months, more if you can.

#5 Make everything clear

If your property is booked for the immediate future or you’re not taking bookings for the moment, say so on your calendar and price lists. And add prices for the dates when you’re able to take bookings again.

Get up to date with your prices now – log in and go to Properties > Update prices.

More help with prices

Need some help with updating and adding your prices? Watch this video guide.

Published: 29 April 2014

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