Influence your position in the search results

Holiday Lettings search results“Really?” we hear you say. Well yes, you can.

We’re not about to reveal our algorithm secrets any more than Google is, but what you do with your listing and how you respond to your guests does influence your position in the search results on Holiday Lettings.

Here’s how: respond, respond, respond to every enquiry and/or every booking request.

Do it now: tomorrow could be too late for the guest (beyond 24 hours will impact your response rate), so prompt responses count too.

How you respond today as well as how you did last month and continue to over time are all factored in, so every response really does count.

Anything else?

Also influencing things: offering online payment via Holiday Lettings (it’s what guests want); the popularity of your listing (if people like it, there’s likely a queue of more wanting to see it). It’s not an algorithm factor but travellers can further sort their results by reviews; homes with the most reviews will show first if this option is selected.

Every search is unique because guests sort and filter their searches by different options. So your position will always shift from search to search.

5 thoughts on “Influence your position in the search results

  1. Nancy Hollinrake

    Today, i recieved from you a notice that I only answer 20% of my enquiries. As I told you before, I always answer my enquiries. I prefer to do this privately through my own email rather than use yours. This is what I signed up for last October. I did not ask for nor do I approve of your innovations. I also want an answer to my last question. I do not believe that you are providing me with the service I signed up for the Holiday Lettings last October and I am disappointed in your service to me. Nancy Hollirnake

  2. patricia manley

    I would love to be able to respond even more promptly than I already do. When I see an email I respond immediately. If i am not near my computer I would respond just as quickly if you sent the text alert in a timely fashion. Unfortunately the text alert usually arrives several hours after the email. This means that if I am away from my computer or my connection is down (it happens in rural areas) I may take a few hours. Why does the text alert not work as it used to?

  3. Jody Keogh

    I received the email below today and I have to say that I am not too pleased with it. All enquiries that I receive are dealt with almost immediately and most definitely within 12 hours so how a rating of 83% has been arrived at is beyond me. Also the inbox on my dashboard shows more than 20 unanswered emails although half of these have actually made bookings with me. Also some form of contact link for owners would be appreciated rather than having to post on a blog like this, if you do have one it is not too easily found. Hello, Responding within 6 hours doubles your chances of a booking Holidaymakers want a speedy response to their enquiries, every time. So your response rate has been added to your advert, giving new guests an idea of how quickly you’re likely to respond. The rate is based on how often you responded to enquiries within 48 hours over the last 3 months. However, our data shows that advertisers who respond within 6 hours are twice as likely to secure a booking than those responding after 24 hours. See the rate on your listing. If your score isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, you can fix this from today by responding to all enquiries as quickly as possible. Have a smartphone? Our free mobile app will help you to respond even quicker. Best wishes

  4. Ian Airey

    Your algorithm has serious deficiencies or to put it another way is biased towards the h-l system. When responding from my I-phone, unless things have changed recently, the h-l address does not work and a direct e-mail contact is necessary. The automated response does not permit personal contact which in this difficult summer has proven very successful. Online payment via Paypal is not as straightforward as we were led to believe and as Paypal have just informed me. In one instance a payment took two days to clear plus the commission on a Euro xfer is 3.4%

  5. Andrew Clay

    If you have a paid-for advert, and you reply straight away to the guest by phone, or directly to their real email address (which is the most reliable way to send emails to guests as they don’t end up in SPAM folders) how do HL know you’ve done this? If you have a commission based ad, that’s fine because you have to reply using HL’s email system, but are paid for ads going to get a lower position in the search results because of this???


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