Marketing your holiday home on Google+

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networks. It’s a fantastic way to connect with people and promote your home by posting updates about what’s going on in your local area, any new features added to your home and pictures to show it off.

You can post comments, photos and videos so there are lots of ways to engage with holidaymakers when using Google+.

  • Set up a Google+ business page. As with Facebook, Google+ has pages that are especially for businesses. You can create a page here: Having a Google+ for business page not only increases your visibility within the list of search results when holidaymakers are previewing your home, it also gives you a preview of your Google+ page on the right hand side of the results. It may take some time to achieve this and you’ll need to post regularly, but it’s worth the extra exposure. Try Googling ‘Holiday Lettings’ and see our Google+ page preview on the right hand side.
  • Making the most of Google+ Circles. Google+ allows you to connect with different circles of people. You could keep previous holidaymakers in one circle and potential guests in another. That way, you can target some of your posts to suit that particular group. Find out more about Google+ Circles:
  • Stay in the loop. When you use Google+ people can respond to the posts and updates you have added to your stream. Other users can comment and you can reply to these too. The more you work at sharing and connecting with people, the better the results will be.
  • Potential holidaymakers may be looking at your posts, even if that wasn’t their intention when they started following you, so grab every opportunity to talk about your what you’re offering.
  • Stay connected to keep people interested. Post every day if possible and update potential guests on what’s going on in your area. Maybe it’s great weather for visiting the beach – take a photo and upload it to show this off. If you’ve made some improvements to your home, such as adding new furniture or have redecorated one of the rooms, post a picture.

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