Why Holiday Lettings saves you money

Why Holiday Lettings Saves You Money

Picture this typical travel scenario: you’ve been dreaming of travelling to London your entire life. You’ve finally saved up a bit of money and are in place where you’ll have the time to make the journey.

Maybe you’ve just graduated college, maybe you’re due for a career break, maybe you’re in need of a major soul-searching journey that will change your life forever.

Then you go online and look at hotel prices, and quickly realize that instead of a month in London, you can afford….oh, maybe two days. Three if you don’t eat.

While London is notoriously pricey, the above scenario is played out day after day, all over the world, by travellers who don’t realize there are much better, more affordable options for accommodation than traditional hotel rooms.

I recently kicked myself – hard – for not discovering Holiday Lettings sooner than I did. Why? Because it would’ve saved me hundreds – no, thousands – of dollars over the course of my travels in the last few years alone.

If you’ve never heard of Holiday Lettings, check out my top 5 reasons why this site will save you more money than any other travel site out there:

1.       No pricey hotel rooms

You no longer have to worry about spending half your travel budget on your hotel room.

Holiday Lettings saves you a ton of money by helping you book accommodation in apartments, cottages, guest house rentals and other private properties.

Prices are slashed significantly – instead of paying 100-200 Euros per night, you’re looking at 40-50 Euros a night (or less!)

2.       Live like a local

If you’ve done enough traveling, you’ve realized that locals pay local prices, and tourists pay (higher) tourist prices. Even if there aren’t set price differentiations, locals still pay less because they know where to go for the cheaper restaurants, the free parking, or the hole-in-the-wall bar with the best happy hour in town.

When you use Holiday Lettings, your trip is truly self-catered. Instead of exploring a town as a tourist, you become an instant local with a home away from home to go back to.

3.       Cook like a local

Pop quiz – what is the #1 way to save money, whether traveling or saving up to travel at home? C’mon, you know the answer…..STOP GOING OUT TO EAT!

If you’re a budget traveller, Holiday Lettings not only gives you access to cheap accommodation – it lets you enjoy all the money-saving perks of living like a local, including being able to cook at home.

Instead of eating out every meal and blowing your budget on food, you can go shopping in the market, pick out fresh ingredients, and cook at home. This alone will give you a true sense of living in the city you’re visiting.

4.       Privacy

It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit – you check into a hotel, guest house, or hostel. You’re cursed with noisy, partying neighbors who are being loud when you want to sleep, OR you want to party when your neighbors are sleeping. Either way, it’s no fun for anyone involved.

You end up having to change hotels, wasting time and money searching for something that’s a better fit. I once spent two entire days of my stay in Saigon just looking for a better hotel – what a waste!

Holiday Lettings hooks you up with private vacation cottages, private homes, remote bungalows – you name it, they have it! The myriad of options really lets you create your holiday, your way.

5.       Bulk discounts

Try rolling up to the Ritz Carlton and seeing if they’ll give you a bulk discount if you stay there for a month. Let me know what their response is – most likely somewhere between a flat out “no” and a huge guffaw of laughter.

With Holiday Lettings, on the other hand, many of the property owners give you great deals the longer you stay. They don’t want to have their place rent-out over and over again, so it benefits them to have a long-term tenant. You can use this to your advantage and score great deals.

Did I mention you can also rent out your place on Holiday Lettings while you travel? Just think of it – someone is paying you to stay in your place back home, while you’re paying someone else to stay in their place while your travel.

I’m no math whiz, but that sounds to me like you’re breaking even.

AKA travelling for free.

Holiday Lettings is the perfect way to make your dream trip (to London or otherwise!) a reality right now. As long as you can cover your airfare and the cost of (local) food, it’s easy to list your place on Holiday Lettings and spend the money renting an amazing place on the other side of the planet.

This article was written by guest blogger Rashad Pharaon of bankerinthesun.com fame, after he discovered the service offered by Holidaylettings.co.uk and wanted to share his experience with our readers.

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