Help managing cancellations (free listings)

calendarIt’s unfortunate, but sometimes things get in the way to scupper holiday plans and you, or your guest, might have to cancel. If you do, it’s vital that you have a plan in place to make it as pleasant as it possibly can be. After all, your guest might have been looking forward to their stay at your place for weeks!

Read our top tips to help make cancellations as smooth as possible:

  1. If you or your guest needs to cancel, your chosen cancellation policy will kick in so make sure you’re happy with the one you’ve selected. You can change your cancellation policy for future stays from your Dashboard by going to Bookings > Update booking settings > Policies.
  2. Act fast if you need to cancel. The sooner you can let your guests know, the easier it will be for them to make alternative arrangements. Go the extra mile and recommend some places with availability nearby: it will be worth it when they are talking to others about their dealings with you – especially if they’re social media users.
  3. Offer guests an alternative date if possible. To clinch the deal quickly and make your offer more attractive, send them a quote straight off the bat and edit your message to explain.
  4. If your guest cancels, ask if they know anyone else who may want to stay. If they take you up on your offer, you’ll need to send them a new quote in the new guest’s name to make sure they’re covered by payment protection.
  5. Encourage your guest to check their travel insurance as – depending on their reasons for cancelling – your guests may be covered by their policy. For instance, circumstances such as flooding, heavy snowfall or illness may all be covered in the policy. Check to see if you’ve received any other enquiries for the same time period and see if those people are still hunting for a holiday. It’s a great opportunity to offer a discount too as you would with last minute offers.







2 thoughts on “Help managing cancellations (free listings)

  1. jean

    home lettings apt in tuscana. i have gotten a lot of people who booked my place and then decided to cancel within the time limit. But, please… if These people write me a note saying they are NOT going to rent in the end.. Could I CANCEL them from my calendar? NO. So The ‘non guest’ has to do that, right???

    1. Kate Harries Post author

      Hi Jean. You can also cancel bookings. See our FAQ for details: Thanks, Kate at Holiday Lettings


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