Stay up to date with your dates

Keep your up to date to avoid disappointing travellersSearching for a holiday can be time-consuming, especially when your plans aren’t flexible and you have specific dates in mind. There’s nothing worse for travellers after finding the right place to stay and requesting to book it, to then discover that it isn’t available.

In fact, out-of-date calendars are a massive time-waster and the number one guest complaint. Plus they’re a sure-fire way of missing out on bookings.

Easy to update

But the good news is it’s really easy to keep your calendar up to date on Holiday Lettings and make sure you maximise your booking opportunities.

Log in and go to Properties > Update calendar and check your calendar shows exactly when your place is booked and when it’s not. Make a habit of doing this regularly.

Don’t forget: if you accept a booking via a booking request or a quote, our online booking system automatically marks the dates in your calendar so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself. However, if you take bookings offline (annual listings only), you need to keep on top of your calendar yourself.

Availability alerts

An updated calendar clearly tells a guest if your property’s available when they want to stay – if a guest tries to send an enquiry for a date that’s already booked, a message appears alerting them to this.

We post this message because some guests have flexible holiday dates. If this is the case and they override the message and send you the enquiry anyway, you can make the most of this and try to encourage them to book alternative dates.

So if the guest can’t be flexible with their holiday dates, they won’t send you a request. As a result, no one’s wasting valuable time. And if they like your property enough they may enquire about alternative dates or the same dates next year.

More about calendar updates

Need to know more about how to update your calendar? Watch our video guide or read this.

Published: 27 April 2014

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