Helping you run your holiday let on the go: additional enquiry reminder

Additional SMS alert for enquiry reminders

Great news! If you’ve signed up for free SMS alerts you’ll now receive an additional text message to help you keep on top of your enquiries and get more bookings.

Life’s busy when running a holiday let and if your place is in high demand you could have requests coming at you from all angles. At the same time you want to respond quickly as an indicator of the service you provide your guests. But we understand that sometimes things just get in the way.

As you know, we already send an SMS text message when you receive a new enquiry or booking request from a holidaymaker. But we realise that you’re busy, so from now on we’ll nudge you with a reminder 26 hours after the first one in case that first notification passes you by. Leaving it any longer means you’re at risk of losing the booking because guests expect a same day response.

Nobody wants to miss out on a potential booking, so hopefully this will help you at busier times – especially with Christmas just around the corner. Obviously you’ll only receive a reminder if we’ve noticed you haven’t responded yet.

Enquiries lead to bookings

Hopefully you don’t need us to tell you that every enquiry you receive is a potential booking and that every response counts. We mean this both in terms of your response rate shown on your listing but perhaps even more importantly in the impression the guest has of using Holiday Lettings and enquiring about your home.

By acknowledging their contact you’ll ultimately increase the likelihood of holidaymakers returning to the site and booking your home again. What’s more, replying to guests within 24 hours means you’ll also protect your response rate, which guests can clearly see on your listing.

Here’s another important fact: if you respond to an enquiry within 6 hours you’re twice as likely to turn it into a booking compared with replying 24 hours later.

Not receiving SMS?

  •  Go to Account > Account preferences > Free SMS alerts to your mobile
  •  Enter ‘+’ and your country dialling code, followed by your mobile number minus the zero, e.g. +447890000000 
  •  You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm the change to your account details
  • Just click on the link in that email to approve the update

3 thoughts on “Helping you run your holiday let on the go: additional enquiry reminder

  1. Fred

    I keep receiveing fake mails like that from 767, holidaylettings. “XXX is still waiting for you to contact them” etc… Once on the site, on my profile, there is nothing! it’s quite annoying and I’m about to resign all subscription from that website.

    1. Kate Harries

      Hi Fred. Please contact our customer services team who will look into this as soon as possible: Thanks, Kate at Holiday Lettings.

  2. joan macdonald

    Your search engine is not working …..I search for 3 bedroom properties but when I filter them the date and number of bedrooms disappear your site worked perfectly before wht did yoy change it.


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