Don’t miss out on bookings – add nightly prices!

calendarHow much does it cost? This is one of the most important questions in the holidaymaker’s mind when they’re looking to book. So if you accept short breaks, make sure both your weekly and nightly prices are always up to date.

This is especially important if your home is bookable online: if holidaymakers are searching by date and your nightly prices haven’t been entered for the dates the guest is looking for, they won’t be able to send you a booking request and will have to email you first. Keeping everything up to date as far in advance as possible simply speeds up the booking process for you and your guests.

You may have noticed that we display a ‘from £XX/night’ price at the top of your advert (even if you don’t accept nightly stays). This is because holidaymakers like to get an idea of how much their holiday will cost them on average per night – we’ve seen an uplift in enquiry levels across the site since adding this feature.

Go to Properties > Prices to add nightly rates for your home.

4 thoughts on “Don’t miss out on bookings – add nightly prices!

  1. Lyn

    I’m speaking as a customer not a holiday home owner – but when the listings typically advertise “from £38 per night”, “from £45 per night”, etc. – it is very misleading when you look at the rates and actually they don’t start from less than £80 per night! Very misleading home owners & puts me off straightaway.

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Lyn. The rate you’re seeing is “from £(amount) per night” because it’s based on the minimum amount you can stay there for. For example, if you stay for a week, in many cases the rate per night works out less than if you were to stay for just a couple of nights. Many browsing holidaymakers book weekly stays so they find it helpful to see the price presented this way to get a quick idea of the cost. We’ve seen an increase in bookings for owners too so it seems to be working well for travellers and owners alike. Sorry if you find it doesn’t work for you; we will pass your comments on. Thanks. Kate.

  2. Mel Copley

    Christine is correct. Displaying a nightly price by dividing the weekly price by 7 is totally incorrect for the vast majority of self catering accommodation. Treating them as ‘hotel’ pricing is very misleading to customers and has the potential to alienate them. It would be MUCH MUCH better to just display the weekly price (like Trip Adviser does) I have had many enquiries via Holiday lettings where bookings have not been made – its not the same on other listing websites I use.

  3. Christine Cridford

    But nightly prices are so misleading if you do not charge per night. Your own advice suggests that nightly prices should be more than 1/7 of a week but that is what you advertise if nightly prices are not given. I cannot give per night price when it varies by number of nights.


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