Photo gallery

Maision Bourgeoise


Patio lounge

Patio dining

BBQ and Fire pit area

Pool house toilet/shower



Kitchen area

Family room/Dining room/Kitchen

Family room/TV area

Living room

Tea room ground floor

Toilet ground floor

Walk in Shower ground floor

Bedroom 1 first floor (2 beds 90x200 or 1 bed 180x200)

Bedroom 2 first floor (1 bed 180x200 and 1 bed 90x200)

Bedroom 3 first floor (1 bed 140x200)

Bedroom 4 first floor (1 bed 180x200 or 2 beds 90x200)

Bathroom first floor (Bathtub, toilet and shower)


Bedroom 5 second floor (1 bed 140x200 and 1 bed 160x200)

Bathroom second floor (Shower and toilet)