Photo gallery

Quinta Velha - Papoula is on the extreme right (3 roofs)

Papoula front entrance and terrace

Papoula Back terrace

Papoula double bedroom

Papoula twin Bedroom

Papoula bathroom

Papoula kitchen

Papoula lounge & dining area

QV Water tower and front parking area

Papoula Lounge from Hall way

Papoula back view toward Monchique Mountains

QV front view from Barbeque over swimming pool

Quinta Velha entrance gates

QV back terrace with water feature

QV Archway and pathway along the back

Papoula Pagoda seating area

QV Barbeque area

QV Swimming pool

QV Ceramic studio

Alvor Tres Irmaos beach

Alcalar Megalithic burial ground

Silves castle (Inside)

Cabo Vincente