Photo gallery

The main cottage with its large terrace, and the Eastern Pavilion just in front of it

Stairs to get to your terrace and cottage

The large wooden terrace

Lunch corner on the terrace, with garden and pond as a peaceful background

Twelve square meters : space enough on this terrace !

Another sight, from the terrace : one year, fields of sunflowers, the next year fields of wheat

Under the main terrace, the hammock where you will relax while listening to the song of nature

At night, stairs and terrace are illuminated, putting you lovely holiday cottage in a fairy mood

Seen from the access door : part of work-top of the kitchen, lunch corner and armchairs

Very well equipped "American" kitchen with dishwasher, fridge, ice-cubes maker, toaster, ...

Pots, pans, lots of ustensils and a real oven + a micro-wave oven

A view from the American kitchen, with stairs leading to the bedroom, on the mezzanine

Lunch corner (but most of the time, you will enjoy to have your meal on the covered terrace)

Lunch corner inside the cottage, and the well furnished international library

Again the lunch corner, and in the back of the room, the bathroom ...

... in which one can isolate himself thanks to the provided blinds, leaving free access to toilets

The bathroom and its corner bathtub, shelves, washbasin, heater

Washbasin and bathroom furniture with hair dryer, soap and shampoo

The corner bathtub with hand shower unit

Next to the bathtub, the door of the small laundry room

Little laundry room with washing machine, tumble dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron and table, ...

Stairs leading to the mezzanine, seen from the door of the toilets-room (distinct from the bathroom)

Stairs leading to the mezzanine, where the double bedroom takes place

At the top of the stairs, a little cupboard full of international board games, dice, playing cards

Here is the double bed room on the mezzanine, with bedside lamps, and large wall cupboards

Also on the mezzanine : DVD player with flat screen, sound system and a large range of DVD movies...

... a wide mirror, a wooden valet for clothes, and a very powerful portable ventilator

The Eastern Pavilion, seen from the terrace of the main cottage

The Eastern Pavilion that shelters the second room (optional), and also a storage

This little Pavilion also has a small terrace

Inside the Pavilion : two single beds with storage drawers, shelves, heater, small hi-fi system

And next door in the same Pavilion, the storage with 2 bicycles for adults, outoors games and chairs

Seen from the garden : on the left, the terrace of the cottage, on the right, the Eastern Pavilion

Left : the back of the main house. At the center : the terrace of the cottage. Right : the Pavilion

The back of the main house, seen from the pond

The shadow of the weeping willow allows you to take a nap next to the pond ...

The pond and its jetty

Another view from the back of the pond, and its numerous water lilies, irises, froggs, dragonflies..

A richly flowered garden, maintained with the chalk line ;-)

A colourful and peaceful place !

And always, everywhere in this place, an accurate sense of details, to make your stay unforgettable