Photo gallery

The house

The olive trees

Main living-room

Snug room

The stove lit



Back of the house

November dawn in the Valley of Itria

Up on the roof

Il Volo dell'Upupa two years ago

Alberobello (© Andrea Passoni - Flickr)

Monopoli - mending nets (© Verity Cridland - Flickr)

Monopoli - harbour (© Verity Cridland - Flickr)

Castellaneta beach

Guaceto nature reserve and beach (from AQUADEMIA dive centre website)

Martina Franca - central square © Vito Manzare (Flickr)

Martina Franca, Valley of Itria (© Giuseppe Zeta - Flickr)

Valley of Itria © YellowCat (Gabriele) (Flickr)