Photo gallery

Lily Rosa's Patio, BBQ and Garden area

Lily Rosa Living Area

Lily Rosa Twin Bedroom

Lily Rosa Front Balcony overlooking Tyrannian Sea

Lily Rosa Master Bedroom

View from Lily Rosa

Lily Rosa Living Room

Lily Rosa Evening View from Balcony towards Stromboli

August festival in Zambrone village

The local Lions head beach at Zambrone

Lily Rosa Townhouse

Gift and Souvenir shops in Tropea

Zambrone Piazza, 20 minutes easy walk from Lily Rosa

View from Lily Rosa towards Stromboli at Sunset

One of the many Olive Groves near Lily Rosa

One of the piazzas in Tropea at night

Lily Rosa's garden

Zambrone Beach, viewed from a pedalo

Local Lions Head Beach at Zambrone

One of Lily Rosa's bathrooms