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Your private swimming pool

Villa Laetizia - 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms, private swimming pool, outdoor terrace and garden

Shaded terrace facing your pool. Can be secured by a fence

Large garden with mediterraneen flowers -mountain view

Dining room, diner table and living room with terrace access

Well equipped kitchen

The kitchen fully equipped

Kitchen and dining room

Bedroom (Bed 160cm)

Bedroom (2 Bed 90cm or 1 Bed 180cm)

Bedroom (2 Bed 90cm or 1 Bed 180cm)

Own shower room with towels and welcome kit

Private shower room with towels and welcome kit

Private bathroom with towels and welcome kit

Hotel Services, daily cleaning of the Villa, the pool and the barbecue

Corsican beautiful beach

Calvi one of the most beautiful little fishing harbour of the mediterranean sea

The Fango river - near Galeria (30 min drive from Calvi). Nice and fresh escape in hot summer

Calvi citadel

Calvi citadel and the bay in the rising morning sun

Picturesque beach of Saleccia in the Agriates desert, reachable by boat or on a 4WD adventure

Typical village of Montemaggiore with snow caped mountains

Occi ruins village near Lumio, a 30minutes walk each way from Lumio

Typical wild encounter on the Fango famous bridge

Dolphins at the Revelatta

Typical morning view along the coast, from a boat ride to Scandola Marine Reserve

Corsican marine reserve registered to the World Inheritance of Unesco, Scandola, 1h ride from Calvi

Calvi from a bird's eye