Photo gallery

The blue room called "The sky in a room" as a famous song of the 60s. This is the room whe

The bathroom in the blue room renovated 2012 with Provencal-style pottery

The green room called "Green Mountains" as a famous song of the 70s

The bathroom in the green room renovated 2012 with Provencal-style pottery

The yellow room called "O sole mio" is composed of 2 rooms with bath for groups or familie

Room "O sole mio"

Room "O sole mio"

The bathroom in the yellow room renovated 2012 with Provencal style-Pottery

The kitchen in country style


The library is available to guests in their free time andbefore to fall asleep

View from the window of the Cottage

Helga outside in Summer time

The garden in the western part of the Cottage

The living room where we serve breakfast for those staying in bed and breakfast

View of the garden of the cottage in the summer

Breakfast in the little kitchen called "Stuetta"

A brood of our ducks in Spring

Wilma on Sunday with traditional costume

HELGA in the garden

The terrace with sun beds and umbrellas are available to guests

Photos taken by our guests as they pass through the Dolomites