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Holiday villa in Urubamba

Urubamba villa

6 bedrooms • 8 bathrooms • sleeps 17

from £188 / night

£1,060 / week

1 / 15

Villa rental in Cusco Region

Cusco villa

2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • sleeps 5

from £82 / night

£489 / week

1 / 7

Cusco Region holiday villa let

Cusco villa

4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • sleeps 2

from £14 / night

£97 / week

1 / 51

Holiday villa in Cusco Region

Santa Teresa villa

7 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms • sleeps 10

from £9 / night

£9 / week

1 / 12

Urubamba holiday villa rental

Urubamba villa

3 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • sleeps 6

from £113 / night

£951 - £1,314 / week

1 / 14

Holiday villa in Urubamba

Urubamba villa

1 bedroom • 1 bathroom • sleeps 6

from £184 / night

£1,155 - £2,980 / week

1 / 15

Holiday villa with swimming pool in Cusco Region

Cusco villa

3 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • sleeps 12

“An amazing experience that I wish didn't have to end!” I have always loved traveling to the mountains of Peru due to the abundance of natural beauty and cultural history. I am the type of traveler that seeks natural beauty rather than polluted city settings. Cusco Villas was the perfect choice for my desires! The property itself is not only surrounded by gorgeous mountains and an abundance of nearby historical Incan ruins, it is also filled with gorgeous plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as beautiful waterfalls and ponds that are filled with colorful fish! The experience of simply walking through the gardens on the property took me back to a young, lighthearted childlike version of myself that felt the magic that comes with having butterflies flying around me and hummingbirds close enough to see their bright, shiny colors. To add to the awing experience, the villa itself is covered in infinite handcrafted details that continued to surprise me every day throughout my week long stay. The same level of attention to intricate details was given to the food that was made by the private chefs. The chefs continuously provided exquisitely delicious meals that tended to all of my food allergy and organic requirements with a beautiful presentation of the food to top it all off! The experience on the actual property was so wonderful that I often found myself wanting to stay there longer during the day instead of rushing out early to sight-see. However, when I was ready to see the numerous nearby attractions, I always had a driver that would pick me up and spend the day with me taking me to the different attractions that I wanted to see without any trouble. Even though this was my third trip to the mountains of Peru, it definitely stood out of from all of the rest as a spectacular experience that I truly wish didn't have to end. Cusco Villas is definitely a place I plan on enjoying again with friends and family!

from £281 / night

£1,642 - £4,786 / week

1 / 82


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