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Winter sun - marketing your home

When winter sets in many holidaymakers dream of laying on the beach, swimming in the sea and warm sun on their skin. With many holidaymakers looking to take their holiday in the winter months it's important that you're making the most from your advertising by tailoring your advert to attract sun seekers. If your home is in a location such as Australia or Thailand, winter may be your busiest time for bookings as holidaymakers want to escape the cold weather.

Advertisers with homes in destinations such as Spain, Canary Islands and Florida get some fantastic weather later in the year. If you're struggling to get holidaymakers in these winter months then you need to shout about the climate, what there is to do in the area and how much quieter it can be at that time.

  • Make sure your calendar is up to date. Some holidaymakers plan far ahead, especially when they're looking to book around the busy Christmas season. If your calendar lists availability 18 months ahead then you have a chance to catch those early bookings. Good for you and the holidaymaker. Don't forget to keep your rental rates current and as far ahead as possible too.

  • Christmas and New Year. More and more holidaymakers are looking to take the stress out of Christmas by going on holiday at this time. Think about what special events are on such as Christmas markets and ideas to make it memorable. Maybe your guests can enjoy a barbecue by the pool on Christmas Day or see in the New Year at a party on the beach. Decorate your home in keeping with the festive season. You could lay the dining table with crackers and candles. Set up a tree with twinkling lights and take some pictures to add to your gallery.

  • Making the holiday easier. Be sure to update your 'How to get there' information on your advert (you can edit this in 'Stage 1: Location' through your Home Management page) in case there are some airlines, ferries or other travel links not operating at this time. Find the ones that are still running and recommend them. You might consider offering a discount especially around Christmas which can be an expensive time of year for all. Provide a welcome pack containing leaflets of activities which are still available and recommend places to eat out.

Top 5 things to remember when adding information to your advert.

  1. Have you listed the distance to the nearest beach? Holidaymakers often search for this so make sure you've got it listed on your advert in 'Stage 3: Local Area'. It will also appear next to your Home Summary on the search results page.

  2. Is the pool heated or unheated? Make sure you've specified this in 'Stage 2: Property'.

  3. Write about the climate at that time of the year. Do the guests need to pack a jumper for the cooler evenings or will summer clothes suffice.

  4. Is the resort town or village open as usual? Keep your guests informed to avoid any disappointment.

  5. Update your 'How to get there' information to specify seasonal changes with transport links.

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