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Welcome hampers

A sure fire way to impress your guests is to leave a welcome hamper at your home stuffed with goodies for them to tuck into upon their arrival.

It’s always a good idea to leave some pantry basics in your home but when putting together a welcome hamper that will wow your guests, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find out about your guests so you can tailor the hamper to suit. If you have a family with young children coming to stay, include party style goodie bags or puzzle/colouring books. If your guests are a couple looking for a romantic break, add flowers, a bottle of bubbly and some fancy chocolates.

  • Consider costs. It’s a nice idea to try and factor in the price of a welcome hamper when working out your rental rates. If the guest isn’t charged any extra for it, this will really impress and they will see it as being an added bonus and complimentary (winning you brownie points!). However, if you’d prefer, you could charge a fee for the welcome hamper. In this case, do make it clear in your advert and specify the cost.

  • Dietary requirements. When putting together a welcome hamper, ask the guests if they have any specific dietary requirements. You don’t want to fill your hamper full of meat from the local butchers only to find out that your guests are vegetarians!

  • Keep it local. Try to fill your welcome hamper with goods that your guests wouldn’t normally have. You could pick up pantry basics from the supermarket, but when it comes to making an impression, local produce from the delicatessen work well. Try to include a local speciality: think Bakewell tarts in the Peak District, Calvados in Normandy and oranges in Seville. The produce in your welcome hamper might be the first taste your guests have of the local cuisine so try to introduce and impress!

  • A warm welcome. If you can’t be there to greet your guests in person, leave the welcome hamper in a place where they’ll be able to find it easily such as the dining room table. A nice touch would be to leave a card welcoming them and a vase of flowers alongside it. You could also write in the card, ‘Cheese in the fridge’ or ‘Ice cream in the freezer’ if you want to include items that won’t keep if left out.

Some ideas for what to include:

  • Local/homemade produce such as regional cheeses, wine, bread, jam, chutney and biscuits

  • Beverages such as wine, beer, cider, herbal/traditional tea, hot chocolate, fruit juices and coffee

  • Cosmetics such as bath bombs, shower gel, hand cream, suntan lotion

  • Toys and games for children

  • Logs and coal in the colder months(if you have a wood burner or open fire place).

  • Some outdoor items such as charcoal for the barbecue, candles for summer evenings spent outdoors and garden toys such as a badminton set.

Author: Kate, Customer communications executive

Date: May 2012