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Top tips from holiday home owners

Fellow owners are an invaluable source of knowledge when it comes to all things holiday home.

From our extensive contact with holiday home owners, we've put together some tried and tested advice from those in the know.

Read on for some insider knowledge on what really works when it comes to your holiday home:

On buying your holiday home:

  • "Do your research thoroughly before buying."
    Villa Esperanza

  • "Buy in an easily accessible location."
    La Maison Blanche

  • "Think of it as a long term investment; find something that gives your home the 'wow' factor."

On marketing your holiday home:

  • "Photographs sell."

  • "Get your marketing started early."
    Bojourland Villa Apartment

  • "Carry some business cards on you on holiday. Hand them out to people you meet - it's amazing how many bookings come in this way!"
    Dalyan Diamond

  • "Be enthusiastic about your property; if your enthusiasm comes across people are far more likely to book."
    Apartamento Azul

  • "Definitely use an internet rental site such as We have tried many different sorts of advertising and none work so well as this."
    Vila Branca

  • "Emphasise any special attribute such as good views, great local beach etc."
    Pueblo Panorama

  • "Research rental prices in your area and compare what's on offer before setting your rental rates."
    4664 Prairie Point Boulevard

  • On furnishing your holiday home:

    • "Don't furnish it too cheaply. People are more likely to respect your property if time and care have been taken. However, always take a security deposit just in case."
      El Campanario

    • "Have some books, whether fiction or guide books relevant to the country."
      Villa Linakis

    • "Live in the property for a fortnight to see how you can best serve your clients. It's amazing the number if simple items that may be missing!"
      Le Clos du Figuier

    • "Do not skimp on equipping the property. Provide a nice welcome pack and leave dry goods and basics. Also provide basic cleaning materials to encourage clients to keep your place as clean as you would like it."
      La Maison Rose

    • "Make it a home from home with all the extras people will appreciate...and then tell all their friends how wonderful it is!"
      Mont Bu

    • "Never say 'that will be adequate' - not a word in a good host's dictionary."
      Maison Baylot

    On handling enquiries and bookings:

    • "Answer enquiries immediately; if you leave it someone else will beat you to it. If possible, ring them."
      La Baie

    • "Be professional - look at it from the customer's point of view."
      10 Vilamar

    • "Don't rely on email - speak to people. That personal touch is worth it."
      Marina Bay

    • "Get a contract signed and have someone meet your quests."
      Los Lagos de Santa Maria

    Finally, don't forget: