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Top 5 tips to get your advert in shape

  • Upload the best possible photos. Photos are usually the first element of the advert seen by holidaymakers. Does the view from the villa, the pool-side loungers or spacious living area tempt them enough to enquire? Support with informative captions (search engines like these too!).

  • List your property’s unique selling points. After analysing the competition have a think about what differentiates your property from others in the eyes of holidaymakers and make sure you make those elements visible on your advert. Be concise yet punchy in your descriptions to maintain the interest of the reader. Never write in all uppercase – it’s difficult to read and looks like you’re shouting!

  • Update your advert regularly to reflect current prices and availability. There’s nothing more frustrating for a holidaymaker to enquire about a home only to here it’s booked, but the calendar says it’s available.

  • Use online bookings. These days, you can buy pretty much anything online, from flights to flip-flops! Guests want to be able to pay with confidence and convenience when booking their holiday online. In fact, a recent survey said that a whopping 80% of guests prefer to pay online! Use our online booking tool to take advantage of this demand. You can sign up by logging into your account and visiting the Payment Preferences page.

  • Focus on collecting reviews. Our internal research shows that adverts with at least one review receive 40% more enquiries than adverts with no reviews at all.