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Encouraging your guests to write a review

There's no better way to show prospective guests why they should choose your home than a review from someone who's had first hand experience staying at your property. More and more holidaymakers are recognising the value of an independent review against the home they are looking to let.

The more reviews you have on your advert, the more likely a future guest is to enquire about your home. It isn't enough just to expect guests to post a review on your advert when they get home - you actively need to encourage as many reviews as possible. The chances are your nearest competition is already doing this. Here are a few suggestions for how to solicit reviews:

  • Send requests: Reviewing a home is easy, it takes no time at all and many holidaymakers that have stayed in your home will be familiar with the process and comfortable reviewing their stay with you. Getting this first hand feedback from the holiday maker is so important and provides instant endorsement of your property that encourages new guests to look at your property with confidence. Using your previous guests as a starting point for collecting reviews is the best way to begin. It’s these reviews which will help you to get of the reviews starting block.

  • If you are new to letting your property you won’t have any previous guests. Don’t worry; build the review process into your management of their stay. When signing off emails to guests that have stayed with you, request that they review their experience as soon as they can. Include a link to your advert to make it easy for them. You’ll probably find that some guests email you directly with their feedback, but it’s no use to future holidaymakers if their kind comments are just sitting in your inbox! Be pre-emptive when collecting the comments and ask the guest to write the review directly on TripAdvisor rather than sending their comments to you in an email.

  • Leave some business cards in your holiday home. Include your contact details, a picture of your home, a link to your advert and a request to leave a review after their stay. This will remind guests about their holiday and might prompt them to leave a review when they get home. They can carry it with them and when they get home, they will be reminded to review their experience.

  • Try to get the contact details of every adult in a large group booking so that you can contact them all to leave a review.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your previous guests to review the property. They are your most important marketing tool and with a host of reviews attached to your advert you will see success in making a healthy return.

Ultimately, reviews have come to influence most of our purchases and for many people, booking a holiday is the largest online purchase they will make in a year. Reviews are a vital part of the research and booking process so by having reviews on your advert, holidaymakers are more likely to make an enquiry with you.

For further information on reviews, take a look at our advice page about how to collect reviews, our FAQs and our 'How to' video guide.

Author: Jamie, Account Manager

Date: December 2011