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The do's and don'ts for a great advert

In order for visitors to want to book a break in your holiday home, you need to make sure your advert does your property justice. First impressions count, so make the most of the space provided for photos and descriptions.

To get you off to a good start, we've put together our top tips for making a great holiday home advert, and will also tell you what to avoid. If you advertise on, you should also take a look at our advice on getting the most from your advert. There's also information on how a well maintained advert will perform better in our search results pages.

?DO double check the spelling and grammar in your advert. Get someone else to read over it for sense as well.

?DON'T write everything in capitals - this gives the impression that you are shouting and can be difficult to read. Instead, use capitals to make certain words stand out if necessary.

?DO update your advert to show any changes to the property and its facilities as well as new bookings. If new airline routes or local attractions open up then add these to your advert as well.

?DON'T exaggerate. Be honest in your descriptions and this will help you avoid complaints from your guests about inaccurate or misleading claims.

?DO shout about your unique selling points (USPs). Treat your advert like a mini brochure - what is it that gives your property the wow factor? Private pools, stylish interiors and log fires all deserve a mention.

?DON'T make your paragraphs too long - your advert needs to be easy to read or people may lose interest and go elsewhere. Be informative, but keep it easy on the eye.

?DO list your telephone number - many people like to phone to enquire about a property, so be sure to give them this option.

?DON'T open yourself up to spam. Don't list your email address - most sites have contact forms which hide your email address from view.

?DO use the best photos possible. Stage your property, let the sunlight in and show off the property's USPs. Why not have a look at our advice on taking good photos?

?DON'T forget the photo captions. Not only do these help to set the scene and let you shout about your USPs, but they are also important for the performance of your advert in search engines.