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Ski chalet marketing for the summer months

Although the Alps are a skiers dream during the winter, there’s plenty on offer in summer months too. The fresh alpine air, unspoilt beauty and clement summer weather is sought after by many holidaymakers, and there's just as much demand for summer alpine holidays as there is for ski.

Our top tips will help you to tailor your advert and unlock this interest to keep the bookings rolling in all year round.

  • As the ski season ends, it’s time to change the photos and descriptions in your advert. You could create a file on your computer containing ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ advert profiles so you can easily make alterations with each changing season.

  • Take the focus away from skiing and highlight your summery USPs, such as barbecue and sun terrace, in your 'Home Summary' and 'Home Description' (found in ‘Stage 2’ in your Home Management page). In your area descriptions, include information about what’s on at this time, such as markets and festivals, and activities such as mountain biking, white water rafting and lake swimming.

  • Insider tip! Mountain biking in the Alps is becoming increasingly popular and many resorts have already had their ski lifts specially adapted to accommodate bikes. A combination of technically challenging downhills and easy trails mean that all the family can enjoy this exhilarating activity. If your resort has this facility, promote this in your area description and gallery to attract the growing number of holidaymakers looking for a mountain bike holiday.

  • Switch out most of your ski slope pictures for lush, green landscapes. You might want to keep a couple of wintry ones displayed for those looking for skiing holidays in advance, but move them lower down in your gallery and have your summer pictures centre stage. Photos of mountains covered in blossoming flowers, waterfalls and picnic spots near a lake will look great in the panoramic slots. Take an exterior photo of your home on a bright, sunny day and include photos of the local activities to put in other areas of your gallery. You might also consider having alternative pictures of the interior of the home. For example, if you’ve got a picture of a cosy living area with a roaring fire, swap it in favour of a bright and airy looking space with the windows open letting the outside in.

  • If your chalet is close to a lake for swimming, be sure to have this ticked in ‘Stage 3’ of your Home Management page. Make sure all the relevant activities tick boxes are marked too so that holidaymakers filtering their searches will be sure to find your chalet. Set the pin on your Google map so that holidaymakers can easily see what attractions and restaurants are near your home.

  • Collect reviews from those guests who’ve stayed during the summer. There’s no better way to promote a summer chalet holiday at your home to future holidaymakers. They will be able to see that there's plenty to see and do.

  • Many holidaymakers are looking for Alpine summer holidays as they consider them to be better value for money than traditional summer destinations. Keep your rental rates competitive at this time in line with holidaymaker expectation and take a look at what others in your area are doing so your price is realistic.

  • Create a welcome pack and welcome hamper especially for the summer season to leave in the home when your guests arrive. Your welcome pack could include leaflets of local outdoor activity centres and hiking maps, whilst your hamper could contain some local fare, perfect for a picnic.

For further tips on marketing your ski chalet advert, see our advice page.

Author: Kate, Customer Communications Executive

Date: February 2012