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Setting your location

Your location is important as it’s how holidaymakers will find you in the search results – by searching for your country, region, town and even local suburb (along with many other preferences like number of bedrooms, holiday dates and other advanced searches). It’s important that your location is accurate so that holidaymakers don’t get any unwelcome surprises and so they can easily make their travel plans. Here are a few tips on setting your location. Also watch our video guide which will talk you through exactly how to set your location on your Holiday Lettings account.

  • Where you are. You can select the location of your property in Stage 1 of your account by selecting continent, country, region, town and then local suburb. Be as accurate as you can so your guests have a clear idea of where they’re visiting. You will appear in the relevant searches for each one that you select so even lesser known locations have their chance to shine.

  • Can't find your suburb? It is possible that your suburb, or occasionally even your town, may not yet exist on our database. In such a case you can create a new suburb or town by selecting ‘other’ in the drop down list. If it turns out that the suburb or town do already exist but we have them listed slightly differently, we will correct this before we activate your advert.

  • Be as accurate as you can. Once your advert has been activated and appears live on our website, you can no longer change its location.

  • Google map. One of your advert’s features is a Google Map. We strongly encourage you to make use of this to help holidaymakers plan their journey and see where you are in relation to landmarks and local attractions. Dropping a pinpoint on your map will make a stronger visual impact but try not to zoom in too much as it’s useful for people to see the nearby landmarks. If you’re listed on TripAdvisor, pinpointing your property on the Google map is particularly important – if you do you will also be listed in TripAdvisor’s map search.

Author: Sally Bartlett - Customer Service Team

Date: November 2011