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Seasonalise your home and advert

Walking down the high street on a winter’s day we can often look at the spring clothes gradually appear in the shop windows and for many of us this equals joy! Well, the same may also apply to your advert. So, if you are looking for winter bookings for your property in Kent or if you have a Ski property that is equally stunning without the snow, then ‘seasonalising’ your advert may help you to secure those valued out of season bookings. This page page has a few handy points and ideas on how you can prepare your advert for next season’s bookings:

  • Name your price. First and foremost ensure you have Rental Rates for the coming year - many advertisers miss out on appearing in budget related searches as they do not have up to date pricing. We recommend adverts have rental rates that stretch for at least 18 months into the future. See our ‘how to video guide’ on updating your Rental Rates.

  • Add your dates. If you have not already done so then let holidaymakers know that you are ready to take those advanced bookings by marking your calendar as available for the coming year. To find out how to update your calendars see our ‘how to video guide’.

  • Fitting photos:

  • Holidaymakers are always telling us that good quality photographs are the key! So, show them your property and the area in its seasonal light by adding photos to reflect the changing seasons.

  • If you have a summer chalet that is transformed during the winter into a ski lover’s dream then add a photo of the local slopes; the living area in the warm glow of a log fire or powdery alpine views to your gallery.

  • If autumn is beginning to rear its head then add some photos of local woodland waiting for the fall or the property during a foggy sunrise.

  • As winter passes by why not think about spring which, due to the Easter break, can be a great time to take bookings. Spring sunsets and fields of bluebells are just a few examples.

  • No matter what hemisphere we are in, when our thoughts turn to summer we think outside dining, white sand, stunning sunsets and bright skies. Adding some summery photos to your advert is a great way of showing what your property and its location have to offer for those long balmy days. If you are unsure on how to add photos to your advert have a look at our ‘how to video guide’

  • Don't forget the text. After holidaymakers have seen your gallery they will turn to your paragraphs for that extra info! This makes it really important to talk about your advert in its various seasonal forms. So, if you have a gite in southern France tell people about the various winter markets or local festivals; or if you have a converted barn in Cornwall then why not entice holidaymakers with tales of spring surf!

  • Is it all in order? Once you are happy with your ‘seasonalised’ advert give it one final look from a holidaymaker's perspective or, even better ask someone who's never been there to cast their eye over it. Would you want to stay there? Keep on until the answer is a resounding 'yes'!