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Rainy day activities for your guests

If there's one aspect of the holidaymaker's stay you can't control, it's the weather.

Many of your guests will be happy to get out and about whatever the weather, however, some prefer to cosy up indoors. Follow our top tips for keeping guests staying home entertained on a rainy day:

  • Have plenty of books and DVDs available, especially if you have families staying. Try collecting free films that come with newspapers, or ask friends if they would like to donate any books they have finished with. Consider satellite television with a range of channels so your guests should be able to find something to interest them.

  • Jigsaws, puzzle books, cards and board games are ideal for families on a rainy day. Many guests enjoy spending the evening around the dining table playing a good board game so it's a good idea to providing these whatever the weather.

  • If you really want to splash out and the weather isn’t too reliable where you are, think about investing in a games console too.

  • Cooking and baking in a warm and cosy house is a great way to spend a rainy day. Why not leave recipes for local dishes in the kitchen, some baking quiptment, pantry basics such as butter and milk, together with a list of shops or markets that sell the ingredients.

  • Craft boxes can also be a hit with your guests, whether they like cross stitch, card making or painting.

  • There may be some indoor attractions near to you; perfect for guests to venture out to when the weather’s not so good. Leave some leaflets in an obvious place or include the details your welcome pack.

  • Why not collect all these details and arrange them in a handy 'ideas for a rainy day' book.

And now for some tips from owners on Facebook:

  • "Hot Tubs are great to relax in on rainy days; it's lovely to feel the rain on your face whilst relaxing in the tub!” Andy and Emily Gearing, Home 131948

  • "Lots of good books and DVDs to have a lazy day or night. Comfortable seating inside and out. Information pack contains details of activities, restaurants, takeaways and details of wines to buy for a cosy night in.“ Anne Mangan, Home 65786

  • "You'll find wonderful rainy day activities at Gwydryn Bach including a huge TV with selection of DVDs, a playstation, a Wii and children's craft items... or you can cosy up by the fire and read a book. The cottage is five minutes drive from the National Trust's Plas Newydd which is a great day out whatever the weather.” True Retreats, Home 183825

  • "A baby grand piano seems to go down quite well!” Jane Colston, Home 211395

  • Author: Jessica, Advert performance advisor

    Date: October 2012