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Optimising your advert for search engines

Help attract more people to your advert by including plenty of the language that search engines like - keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases that people commonly type into search engines - like Google, Bing and Yahoo - to find what they're looking for.

You don't need to do any of the hard work. We already invest significantly in search engine optimisation (SEO). We're committed to driving web traffic to your advert.

We take SEO seriously

We appear on the first page of Google for more than 5,000 unique keywords and receive traffic from over 600,000 of them every month. We also bid on over 50,000 pay per click (PPC) keywords, otherwise known as sponsored listings.

Writing your advert

Here’s some tips on how to write your advert so holidaymakers can find it in the search engines.

Always use original content – for example never copy descriptions of your local town or area from other websites. It’s against copyright laws, but also Google is now starting to penalise any unoriginal content that it finds. If you use ‘copy and paste’ for your advert it could damage your place in Google's search results.

What kind of keywords should I use in my advert?

Use factual keywords rather than descriptive ones:

  • Property type - villa, apartment, ski chalet, cottage, etc.

  • Location - name of resort/town/city, 'lakeside', 'near beach', etc.

  • Unique selling points (USPs) - private pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, balcony, etc.

  • Local or famous attractions near your property

  • Number of bedrooms

Where should I put the keywords in my advert?

Keywords should be incorporated into all parts of your advert, including the Home Summary that appears on the search results page and photo captions - use these to point out any unique selling points (USPs) in the images. The Home Summary is probably the first time someone will see your home, so use this space well to promote its USPs in a short and punchy style.

Can you have too many keywords?

Yes. Google will place your advert lower in its search results if you over-do the keywords. Also bear in mind that you need to keep the advert readable - don't compromise on sense and flow just to pack in the keywords. Write it with both humans and computers in mind.

Can I buy top rankings in Google and other search engines?

No. Beware of any emails or phone calls from companies offering to sell you top rankings. It's not possible to purchase what are known as organic or natural search result rankings - you can buy sponsored listings - and we remind our advertisers to exercise caution. We have no association with any of these companies and we are reporting the ones we do know of to Google. Please let us know if you are contacted by them.

What are good and bad examples of keywords?

Remember not to compromise style with keywords. The examples below should be used alongside more descriptive phrases to get people in the holiday mood. Just be sure not to have too much of either element.

In your Home Summary

✓ Disneyland family villa with private pool

✖ Great base close to tourist attractions

✓ Pet friendly Cotswold cottage

✖ Stylish home from home in the real France

✓ 2 bedroom apartment in London with parking

✖ Cosy accommodation in quiet village

In photo captions

✓ Lounge with log fire - perfect for a romantic evening in

✖ Bedroom

✓ Our ski chalet with hot tub won't leave you cold

✖ A beautiful location

✓ Enclosed, private garden means children can play safely

✖ Local town a short drive away