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Maximising marketing opportunities

When marketing your holiday home be as active as you can; try different advertising methods and keep your eye out for any new marketing avenues and talk to other holiday home owners about what works for them.

Put yourself in the shoes of a holidaymaker and think about the ways they may hear about holiday homes. Also think about your target market and what advertising may work for them.

Tell your friends and family about your venture, use social networking sites to your advantage and work your colleagues; there are so many ways you can get your property out there:

  • Weave a web. Advertise online and open up your advert to millions of holidaymakers! Find out more about the benefits of advertising your holiday home online and how to get the most out of your online advert.

  • Perfect timing. Start marketing your property sooner rather than later, but if it's still under construction, make sure that it's ready before your first guests turn up; always make clear in your advert when the property is available to rent so as to avoid any confusion.

  • Spread the word. Word of mouth is easy and free! Let all your friends and family know about your holiday lettings venture when you start out.

  • Sign away. Add a link to your online advert to your email signature.

  • Work it. If you have a notice board or office-intranet at work then ask about adding an advert for your holiday home.

  • Get friendly. If you use social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace add a link to your online advert to your profile page. If you don't use these sites, ask your relatives or friends that do.

  • Community spirit. Put up adverts in your local newsagents, sports centres, supermarkets and anywhere else with community notice boards; make adverts with tear-off strips with your contact details.

  • Business talk. Get some business cards printed and leave them at your holiday home for your guests to take home (and maybe pass on to their friends). Carry some on you in case the opportunity to hand one out arises in conversation.

  • Get listed. Ask if you can leave some flyers at your local tourist information office. Think about registering with the local tourist board and adding your property to the list of accommodation for local events.

  • Know how to network. Working with other owners is a good option; if you can't take a booking, pass it on. Hopefully the favour will be returned in the future. Also, if a large group wants to book and you can't accommodate them all, suggest sharing the booking with another owner in the same area.

  • Picture perfect. Take lots of photos when you're out at your holiday home yourself - upload these to any online profiles you have and put them in an album at home; show them to your friends and family and let people know they could see it for themselves.