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Maximise your exposure on Holiday Lettings

At Holiday Lettings, we make it our job to do most of the marketing on your behalf. We will try to maximise the exposure for your property by attracting the most traffic possible to our site and by sending holidaymakers to the most relevant pages to their search, so that they then send enquiries. We’ll do all the big budget marketing activity – from PPC, to exhibitions and press ads - and continually invest in the latest technology to ensure that we rank as high as possible on Google searches.

However, there are still many things that you, the property owner/manager, can do to increase your presence on the Holiday Lettings site. Looking at property performance, it’s clear that some owners are promoting themselves better than others. Here are a few hints and tips on how to advertise your property better to stand out from the other 50,000+ properties listed on

  • Set your budget at the start of the year, calculate your marketing budget & work out how much you can afford to spend per guest on attracting them to your property.

  • Monitor the performance each piece of marketing that you do, so that you can see which activity works best for you and is worth investing in again. Often it’s about testing and learning what’s best for your property.

  • Get listed on TripAdvisor just by having Premium listing rather than a Classic on Holiday Lettings. Then your property will appear across six of TripAdvisor’s websites that currently showcase rentals as well as on This will give you access to 35 million potential guests a month and is such a cheap way of accessing an international audience.

  • Identify freebies you can do to help make your property stand out. You can always ask the Holiday Lettings Customer Service Team for feedback on your advert – it may be as simple as refreshing your photos so that your advert looks better or changing your description text. Remember to keep your availability calendar up to date so that you appear in date specific searches. If you have a video, load it onto your advert. Ask previous guests to write a review - it only takes one positive customer review for you to see enquiries shoot up by a third!

  • Categorise your advert by ticking various categories relevant to your property. Those doing so tend to perform better than those who don’t. Increasingly holidaymakers are searching our website by using our filters, such as property types, facilities and activities. If you have anything special about your home – like the fact it has a pool, or is suitable for small children, don’t forget to tick the box, so that you appear when people search.

  • Leverage PR by volunteering your property to be promoted to the media, either by hosting a journalist free of charge in return for a review, or by sharing your property story, which can then be used as a case study. Our in-house press office and PR agency are always hungry to promote willing advertisers. Home owners who have welcomed journalists into their home have been delighted by the coverage they’ve received. It also helps if you have some stunning high res photos of your property, so it’s worthwhile making sure you have these to hand!

  • Request reviews from guests to tempt new guests in. Whilst Holiday Lettings will contact your guests to try to encourage them to leave a review for you, we find that the greatest success rate will come from you doing it too. Guests have a personal relationship with you and are often only too happy to help your business succeed. Owners who are collecting numerous positive reviews are proactive about sending out an email to all their guests just after they return from their holiday. They welcome them back home, check everything was alright and go on to direct them to the link where guests can leave a review.

  • Promotional extras that Holiday Lettings offers. We have numerous packages that you can buy for a small price that can significantly enhance your exposure on the site. Popular and proven avenues are Spotlights, Late Deals, Early Deals and our ad hoc Sale campaigns:

  • Spotlights are the big beautiful property photographs at top of the search results pages relevant to your location. It’s a great way to stand out as your property will be the first that holidaymakers will see. Prices start from £70 for a 3 week period. Many owners have found it a very effective way of securing extra enquiries especially when they’re in locations that have quite a few other properties to choose from or are on a resort competing against many similar looking villas and apartments.

  • Late deals are a fantastic tactical tool when you have a handful of weeks left that you need to fill. On average, properties in our late deal section attract three times the level of enquiries during the period of the additional promotion. You can set the level of discount you want for individual weeks, which means that you’ll soon sell your vacant week. Inclusion in the late deal section only costs £29 for a two week period and from time to time the marketing team will link into the late deal sections to create campaigns that are featured on our home page, giving you even more exposure!

  • Early deals are a useful way to make sure you’re booked up earlier in the season. It also means you can receive your earnings earlier! Many owners know upfront the weeks that they’ve struggled to fill in the past, so they decide to promote them early at a discount, to ensure they’re filled. Other owners just appreciate the security of getting more bookings early. You can also use this section to fill off peak seasons by offering weekend deals or short breaks. It costs just £29 for four weeks of exposure. In the case of both the late and early deal sections, if your property is listed on TripAdvisor, you will have a ‘deal’ sign against it for that period.

  • WebCreator if you’re keen to do your own marketing as well as list on Holiday Lettings, we can help you to set up your own personal website with your choice of domain name and design. If you decide to print your own business cards and leaflets or advertise in local shops, you’ll have a website to point them towards. Contact us to find out more.

  • Communications – whilst we send you enquiries for your property, you’re the only one who can convert them into bookings. If you’re investing more in promotional extras, it’s vital that you’re also strong at communication. Owners doing this best, say that they put huge importance in responding quickly to enquiries. Speed is of the essence! They are professional, but friendly and always very helpful. They also keep their availability calendar up to date so that holidaymakers aren’t disappointed by finding out that the week they’re interested in is already full. If you offer any extras like a welcome hamper, let guests know – and they always respond well if you have any local deals with car hire companies or other local suppliers.

Author: Claire Howard-Jones, Marketing Director

Date: December 2011