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Marketing spring clean

Your marketing gives you a chance to show your property at its very best. It also creates expectations for the holidaymaker and helps them to get excited about visiting your property.

Follow our top tips to make sure your holidaymakers are not disappointed.

  • Check and update
    Your guests want to know about every feature of your home, they can't be tempted by the fig tree if they don't know that it has started blooming, and they don't want to feel misled by what they find: very few people who select a property with a dishwasher will enjoy having to wash up every night. Do an inventory check to make sure nothing is missing. Check paintwork, woodwork and wear and tear of furnishings and floorings to make sure everything is in good order. There is no need to write about what used to be in the house, just take any missing, broken or replaced features out of your advert and tell the reader about a different amazing feature of your property such as a brand new games room.

  • Local information
    This is another opportunity to excite your visitors and avoid any disappointment. Making sure that your area descriptions are accurate is the first step: is the art festival still in July? Is the farmer's market still the first weekend of the month? Your guests will look forward to walking to the new restaurant around the corner or taking their kids to the new water-sports centre but only if you've told them about it. If you have explored more of the region yourself then you probably have new things to tell holidaymakers about the area: what makes your local food festival unique? How big is the turn out for the sports events? All of this information should serve to whet your holidaymaker's appetite and might make the difference in securing that all-important booking.

  • Photo gallery
    Camera technology is getting better, and cheaper, every year. If you have a new camera (or can borrow one) then you can show your guests clear, crisp and beautiful pictures of your property. Your photographs should also reflect changes to the property: new curtains, new chairs or a new pool can help to tempt previous visitors into a return visit and will have a flattering brand-new look. Show off new decoration by dressing each room before taking a picture. Lay the dining table ready for dinner if you've just bought new crockery or take a picture of the bedrooms with some cosy soft lighting and your new bed linen. If there are new facilities in the area such as a water-park, visit yourself to take some snaps which will excite your new guest and encourage previous guests to return. Holidaymakers tell us regularly that well taken, good quality pictures are essential when they are choosing a holiday.

  • New video
    If you haven't already got one, now's the time to make a video for your advert. Take the guests on a guided tour of your home and local area. Our video advice page will get you started.

  • Welcome Pack
    Help your guests to settle in by providing an excellent welcome pack full of goodies and local information. If you only visit your property once or twice a year then this can be an opportunity to refresh leaflets and visit new shops, restaurants and attractions which you might want to recommend. You might even find that a favourite local attraction has gone downhill and you want to take it out of your recommendations. Customer comments and guest reviews can help you to weed out these problems but there is no substitute for personal experience.

  • Respond to reviews
    Reviews are a key part of your marketing strategy and responding positively to reviews can serve to promote your home. Reviews might point out problems that had passed you buy and responding to critical reviews can help to show that any problems were a one-off event whilst responding to good reviews can show how important your visitor's happiness and well-being is to you. See our reviews advice page for more ideas.

Visit our advice page which will help you make the most of your advert.