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Keeping your holiday home advert current

Are you on the hunt for big profit or do you just want your costs covered? No matter what your expectations are, your online advert should be maintained like the interior and exterior of your holiday home. If you ignore this, you could be missing out on hits and enquiries. Even if your advert is already performing and up to date – could it deliver more? The purpose of this article is to help you check your advert and its performance as well as providing you with tips for maximizing its potential.

Read your advert regularly (or ask an objective friend to) It is always a good idea to read your advert often. If you use the ‘Home summary’ to mention local events of seasonal offers, not updating these can have the opposite effect you were initially hoping for when writing them first time around! Imagine you are the holidaymaker viewing your advert from the search results page and all the way down to the enquiry form. Even better if you ask a friend or somebody who doesn’t know your holiday home to read your advert and provide feedback.

Home Management - what do the statistics tell you? You might have a stunning advert but this is all wasted if holidaymakers don’t view it. Please click on the green button ‘Booking Manager’ and check your hits and enquiries. The table lists the hits for the last 30 days and enquiries for the last 12 months.

Low hit rate. The time of year will influence the number of holidaymakers looking at your advert. However, to ensure your advert comes up in as many searches as possible and provide you with a healthy number of 'hits' (number of times someone views your advert), here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure all facilities, property and area details are ticked correctly as they are linked to the search refinement options when browsing, e.g. nearest amenities, golf, beach, villa, etc. (Stages two and three of advert set-up).

  • Check that your rental rates and calendar are up to date. If they are out of date your advert will not come up if holidaymakers search by budget or date (Stages 4 and 6 of advert set-up).

  • Reviews improve your ranking on TripAdvisor search results pages and on Holiday Lettings, homes with at least one review perform better than those without. TripAdvisor listings are included as part of our Premium Advert.

  • Filter by the same size property and pricing on the search results page to check your listing. If competitors are cheaper, try to focus on promoting more unique selling points in the Home summary (Stage 2 of advert set-up).

  • Try another first photo and compare the hit rate a week later. Typical first photos would highlight pools, beach, views or outside area, but you may have another USP that you wish to promote here for a trial period. If you have a Premium Advert holidaymakers can also see photos 2 and 3 (Stage 5 of advert set-up).

Good hit rate - low level of enquiries. This means your advert is successful on the search results page and holidaymakers open your advert but never send an enquiry. There are various reasons for this, e.g. your property is not what they are looking for or the home description and photo gallery simply don’t sell your holiday home.

The home description (‘About the home’ as displayed on your advert) and photo gallery are the most important parts in swaying opinion. It is quicker to read the home description than the full advert so it needs to be precise, interesting and informative. The photo gallery is your chance to make people remember your advert. Pictures make a bigger impression and are easy to remember. Here are some suggestions to inprove the level of enquiries:

  • Having an eye-catching first photo is essential but photos two and three need to be strong also.

  • The home description' as well as photo gallery should be focusing on your unique selling points (USPs) to beat the competition and showcasing the holiday you’re offering and its value for money.

  • The photos must be good quality as well as inviting and informative. You can also add value by dressing the rooms in the photos; placing towels on the bed/flowers on the table and adding caption text, e.g. ‘Relax on the sunny roof terrace’ (Stage 5).

  • Don’t forget the destination. If you provide information about the area, it saves those browsing from doing much more research or leaving your advert early. This way you are making it easy to choose your holiday home.

Author: Yang, Account Executive

Date: January 2012