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How to take the best photos

Every picture tells a story and photos are one of the most important parts of your Holiday Lettings advert. In fact, 79% of holidaymakers said that photos are 'essential' in helping them make their decision on where to stay.

Make sure you pack your camera whenever you visit your holiday home so you can keep your photo gallery up to date. Try keep a selection of photos of your home and surrounding area that you can change with every season. For example, if your home is in a ski resort, have a summer gallery ready with pictures of sunny alpine walks and breezy balconies with the tables laid with flowers. By switching out your wintry pictures, you'll be able to attract summer guests. Pictures of cosy sitting rooms with a roaring fire go down a treat when attracting guests looking for a holiday in the colder months.

Hiring a professional photographer is a a wise move, but if you're behind the camera bear the following in mind to make sure you get the best photos of your holiday home. Check out our top tips below:

  • Always use a digital camera. If you are taking your own photos it will make transferring the photos to your advert easier and will capture the best quality images. You can also take lots of shots, choose the best and then just delete the ones you don't want.

  • If possible, take photos on a bright, sunny day when natural light is at its best. Sun drenched images will really get people in the holiday mood and sunny days offer the best light for indoor pictures too. The best light for photographers is usually between four and six o'clock in the afternoon.

  • Set the scene before taking the pictures. For example, lay the dining table with some local produce complete with a bottle of wine. Put some vases of flowers in the rooms to make your home look bright and inviting. You want the guest to feel that they could jump into the photo and start relaxing, and enjoying their holiday straight away.

  • Try and get as much of the room in the picture as possible. A good way of doing this is to stand on a chair or use a step ladder in the corner of a room and shoot from above.

  • Don't forget to take a photo of the exterior of your holiday home too. Potential guests will want to get an idea of the type of home they might be staying in and it will also help them to spot your home when they arrive.

  • Put your home on the map by including pictures of the local area in your gallery. What is there to see and so that would appeal to guests? Maybe there's a beautiful beach near your home, a local food market or appealing architecture you could take some photos of.

  • Photograph your USPs. Make sure you take photos of your unique selling points, such as four-poster beds, open fires, amazing views, swimming pools and attractive gardens.

  • Anti glare. Always turn the TV off and make sure the sun is behind you when taking photos.

  • Clear up the clutter. Tidy away any knick-knacks and present the property as people would like to find it when they arrive.

  • Be selective in your photo choice. Show off the best features of your holiday home but unless your bathroom really stands out from the crowd, don't worry about including it in your photo gallery; concentrate on the best features instead.

  • Avoid taking photos of your property with people in them. Let potential guests imagine themselves enjoying the privacy of your holiday home instead.