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How to encourage repeat bookings

Repeat bookings are the sign of happy guests! It's not just the weather, facilities and access that will encourage guests to book your holiday home again, but also the consideration and personal service provided by you.

There's a good chance that if a guest wants to return they'll be likely to tell all their friends and family about your property too; helping you out with your marketing as well.

Impressive customer service, both before and during the stay, and going the extra mile may well be enough to seal the deal - let your guest know that their booking matters by using our top ten tips:

  1. Reply promptly to enquiries. Maintaining a high-speed response rate throughout your relationship with guests will serve you well; they'll know that if they were to book last minute in the future, you respond quickly so they're likely to choose your home again. Responding quickly allows them to get their travel arrangements made early.

  2. Be available to your guests. Once a booking is confirmed you essentially take on the role of concierge for your guests. Be as helpful as possible when dealing with any problems or queries in the run up to their stay as well as during and after it. Make sure they have your contact details and, when at the property, those of a local contact if you won't be nearby. It's important to have their contact details too - ask for these in your booking contract.

  3. Warm welcome. Provide a welcome hamper for when your guests arrive. Leaving some basic supplies, so your guests can make a cup of tea, for example, shouldn't prove costly. Some flowers and a bottle of wine will always go down well too. Factor any expensive items into your rental rates and always state in your advert and booking contract if you charge for a welcome pack.

  4. Provide the things your guests want. A really nice touch is to offer to stock the property with the goods your guests want from the supermarket. Again, make clear in your advert and contract how much you charge for this service to avoid any misunderstandings.

  5. Tourist information. Leave plenty of information about local attractions in a folder and ask guests to add to it if they come across a hidden gem. A 'how to' for the house is also a good idea.

  6. Stock check. Make sure your holiday home is equipped with everything your guests need. Have a look at our suggestions on how to turn your property into a home from home for your guests as well as the little extras.

  7. A parting gift. It's a nice idea to give your guests a gift on their last day as a memento of their stay, especially if it's something that will remind them of their holiday. For example, you could get calendars or mugs made with photos of the home and the local views.

  8. Keep in touch. Leave some business cards in the property - guests may take them and think of you when organising their next holiday. Keep a record of your guests and their contact details, and keep them updated with news and photos of the property. If you have a last minute cancellation, why not contact a past guest with a special offer?

  9. Repeat booking offers. Think about offering past guests a discount if they book again with you in the future. They will be more likely to keep returning year after year!

  10. Gather reviews. There's no better way to promote your property than an independent review from a happy guest (especially a regularly returning happy guest!). The more reviews you have on your advert, the more likely a future guest is to enquire about your home. Our advice page will start you on the right track to collecting reviews for your advert.