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How and where to use your quicklink

If you have an advert on, you'll have a quicklink. This is a direct link to your online advert page and is a useful marketing tool.

How do I know what my quicklink is?

Your quicklink is made up of the website address (URL) plus your Home ID. For example, Home 12345's quicklink would be

Our quicklinks are designed to be easy to remember and can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Be sociable. Think about using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, listing your quicklink in your profile for your contacts to see.

  • Feel free to comment. If you regularly read and comment on blogs, then you can also put your quicklink to use here. Other people's individual blogs often have the option for you to add a link to your name when leaving a comment - when people click on your name, it will take them to the website you have specified.

  • Forum fun. Forums are online communities where members engage in discussion, starting new 'threads' of conversation which other users can respond to. They often are centred around shared interests - is a popular forum for owners of holiday homes, for example. Forums differ from blogs in that many Internet users can join and contribute to the conversations. Blogs tend to be written by individuals and you can only comment on what they have written, rather than add to their content.

    If you are involved in forum activity then you can probably use your quicklink. Although advertising your own property may not be allowed in the body of your response to other users' posts in forums, many let you include a link as part of your personalised signature. Do check that this is allowed under the forum guidelines though.

    If you're responding to a post about holiday accommodation, make sure you're genuinely constructive in your reply and answer their questions - purely plugging your property in the body of the text is frowned upon and your posts are likely to be removed. Instead, send a private/direct message (PM/DM) to the other user if you think your property could be perfect for their holiday.

  • Community spirit. If you have business cards, adverts in the local papers, in shop windows or work/community notice boards, then use your quicklink here too.

  • Pretty as a postcard. Have some postcards made up showing your holiday home and listing your quicklink. Leave them out for your guests to send back home to their friends and family.

  • Sign on the dotted line. If you send a lot of emails, adding your quicklink to your email signature is one of the easiest ways of letting people know about your holiday home. Take a look at the example below: