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All inclusive rental rates

When you're setting your rental rates for your holiday home it's a good idea to think along the all inclusive route. Your guests may have a set budget for their holiday and might not be expecting to pay over your stated rates and deposits.

With this in mind, try to factor in any costs that may result from letting out your holiday home. This will result in an honest and upfront price that your guests will appreciate.

Extras to consider when deciding upon your rental rates:

  • Utilities such as gas, electricity and water charges. Bear in mind that if your holiday home is not in a destination with a year round warm climate, the cost of heating the property will increase in winter.

  • Cleaning fees if you employ someone to manage changeovers for you.

  • Laundry costs for bedlinen and towels.

  • Window cleaning, pool maintenance and gardening fees.

If you are offering a discounted rate, this should still include all your costs.

Sometimes it is okay to ask for a supplement on top of your standard rate. However, you should make these costs clear in your advert and booking contract. Such occasions include:

  • Shopping for guests. If you offer a service whereby you stock up the cupboards for your guests, you could request payment once the shop has been done.

  • Charging extra for pets. It is normal practice to request an extra fee should your guests wish to bring their pet(s) with them to your holiday home, since this usually entails extra cleaning following their stay. Be clear on the number and kind of pets that you accept in your holiday home and state this in your contract along with the cost per animal.

When deciding how many pets you are happy to accept in your holiday home, bear in mind the size and suitability of the outdoor area your property offers as well as the space inside.

Here’s what some of our owners think:

Home 155128 – Eleni’s Stately Home, Greece.

“It can be rather difficult for the guest when there are lots of extra services, therefore, I advise including everything that is available in the home in the rate package. If you do so, you are already making your product more competitive in the market.

It is not possible in a summer destination such as Crete (that has high temperatures) not to have air conditioning included. We know our guests will need to use it so we don't think it's fair to change extra for it.

Small details make all the difference and can easily be included. Take into consideration the cost effect of them and remember that the guest satisfaction that you get in return is definitely much more significant. Therefore I believe that some options must be included without extra charge."

Home 167085 – House in Meursault, France

“In these economic times, it’s nice for our visitors to be able to plan their budgets accurately and to have the comfort of knowing one fee covers everything.

We set a rate that we think is competitive and offers an attractive proposition for our visitors. The rate of occupation is high and I would hope that would indicate that the rate is indeed attractive."

Home 187288 - La Tuilerie/Moulin de la Roque, France

“We keep our rental rates all inclusive as we feel it helps to appeal to a global audience. We find that including everything in our rental rates gives the best customer service and it keeps our guests happy. However, we are considering reducing our rates for winter and charging separately for heating costs. This can be more economical for the guest as rather than charging a flat rate, they will only pay for the heating that they use – this can save them money.”

And from our Facebook fans:

“All inclusive and I do not tell guests about the welcome pack or posh toiletries that I provide so that they come as a nice surprise when they first arrive. It gets their holiday off to a good start and makes it appear that I am providing more than I had promised.”

“We include most things (aircon, heating, gas, electric, etc) but we do add on a couple of things. We provide a small welcome pack, but customers can opt to buy a more comprehensive breakfast pack, which many find useful if they're arriving late in the evening. We also charge an extra 25 euros for arrivals after 9pm, or departures before 7am - since this is what our caretaker charges us.”

“All inclusive including good welcome pack. Much better to have one price than add-ons like low budget air fares.”

You can add extras to your quotes when using your Booking Manager tool which can make payment much simpler for guests if you are planning on charging additional costs. Watch our Booking Manager video: 'How it works' for more info.

For more tips about setting your rental rates, see our advice page.