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Top tips to avoid insurance claims

Second homes can be more susceptible to damage as they are sometimes left unoccupied for weeks or months at a time. It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your policy is or how quickly your insurance company can process a claim, it’s best to try and keep your holiday home well maintained to prevent any problems. This way, you should never need to worry about making a claim and your home will stay in good shape.

With this in mind, Intasure offer some simple tips that can help you maintain a property and reduce the risk of damage from the elements.

  • Clear the guttering both before and after the colder months. Guttering can become blocked by leaves and moss throughout the year, stopping water from flowing freely and causing it to pool in the gutter. If this is not cleared out by winter, the water in the gutter can freeze, expand and then split the guttering. By clearing the guttering, this can be avoided.

  • Check roof tiles regularly. Roof tiles stop your house from becoming saturated with rain. Just one cracked or missing tile can lead to issues with damp and rot. To avoid this, check the roof occasionally to see if there are any tiles that need replacing. If heights are not your thing, you could ask a local roofing contractor to look for you. Alternatively, occasional checks from inside your attic can locate any areas affected by water.

  • Protect timber. If you have timber window and/or door frames, protect these against the rain with a good layer of paint. Paint stops the moisture from getting into the wood preventing rot. If you notice that the paint is blistering then it’s probably time for another coat.

  • Check electrical appliances. Electrical surges are rare but can damage electrical appliances. When you leave your home unoccupied long time it’s a good idea to unplug your electrical goods. This saves energy too.

  • Have the chimney swept regularly. Open fires and log burners are fantastic for creating a cosy atmosphere but after being used all winter the build up of soot in the chimney can prevent the smoke from being drawn out from the fire properly. A blocked chimney may cause smoke to drift back into the house which can be unpleasant and more worryingly, increases the risk of a chimney fire. Having the chimney swept just once a year keeps it working as it should and dramatically reduces the risk of a chimney fire from starting.

  • Maintain plants and trees in your property. If you have a climbing plant, avoid types that can damage the exterior of the property such as ivy. Climbing plants must never grow above the eaves as they can cause problems with roof timbers and damage the guttering. Rotten or weak tree limbs should be removed as soon as you notice them. In a storm these limbs will be the first to be ripped off and could be collide into your home. Tree and plant roots can often play a role in causing a property to subside. Research the plants and trees that you have within a close proximity to your property to see if their roots could cause any problems.

  • Keep your home secure. When leaving your home or second home for a long period of time it’s important to leave the property secure. Use all bolts, catches and locks you have on windows and doors as well as double locking the door as you leave. An alarm system will certainly help to deter intruders and even an empty alarm casing displayed in a prominent place can act as an effective deterrent. Remove valuable items from your home or make sure they are securely locked away.

  • One of the most common causes for claims in the last couple of years has been burst pipes. With past winters having been far colder than we are used to, many people have been caught off guard and their property suffered because of it. Lagging your pipes and insulating your roof can prevent them from bursting. During the winter months, Intasure do ask that if your property is unoccupied for more than two days, between December and February, that you turn off the water and run the taps to drain the system or keep the heating on and above 15 degrees C. During this time, keep the loft hatch open to allow the air to circulate protecting the pipes in the loft.

When a property is left unattended, it can be a worry but taking these steps can ease some of those concerns and avoid any insurance claims.


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