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Maintenance & cleaning

A clean and well maintained holiday home will minimise the risk of complaints from guests.

It's also more likely to lead to them making a repeat booking and recommending your property to friends and family.

As well as cleaning at guest changeovers you need to carry out regular property checks to make sure everything is in working order and any problems are dealt with swiftly. Use our handy checklist to ensure you don't forget anything.

  • If you're not on hand or don't have the time to clean the property yourself, then consider hiring a local cleaner.

  • Another option is to use a commercial property management or cleaning services company. They'll handle full property management for you and are ideal if regular contact with a private cleaner isn't possible. Look in our Property Services Directory for a company in your area.

However you choose to get your holiday home cleaned, the following advice should be taken into consideration:

  • Check for dripping taps, patches of mould or damp, and faulty fixtures during each changeover.

  • Regularly check that your air-conditioning and heating systems are working properly. Clean any vents too.

  • Clean out plug holes and drains - a build up of hairs can cause blockages.

  • Wash blankets regularly and get duvets dry cleaned.

  • Have your carpets and curtains deep cleaned annually and the oven once a month.

  • Keep useful tools such as a plunger, screwdriver, hammer and nails, mop and bucket at the property so guests can deal with basic problems.

  • Spare batteries and light bulbs are sensible additions.

  • Test the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector regularly.

  • Check walls for marks and touch up when needed. Be sure to repaint all the walls when they're looking a bit jaded to ensure a fresh look.

  • Clean grouting and rubber seals regularly and replace as soon as they gets stained.

  • Leave an emergency contact number for your guests should they have a problem with the property during their stay. Put this in your guest manual along with numbers for plumbers and electricians in case you or your contact can't deal with the problem immediately. A phone book is a good back-up.

  • As well as the inside, make sure the outside of the house is well maintained - fix broken tiles, repaint the walls, check for leaks in the roof and make sure the garden looks tidy.