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Decorating & colour schemes

Some properties may come freshly decorated and furnished when you take ownership, but many will need at least a lick of paint before they are ready to welcome guests.

Aim to create a style that appeals to everyone, but avoid the anonymity of a hotel room; you want your holiday home to be warm and welcoming for guests.

Before you make any decorative decisions take a look at our pointers below.

DO keep it neutral. A neutral colour scheme isn't likely to put anyone off, while brightly painted walls may not be to everyone's taste. Ultimately you want your holiday home to have mass appeal.

DO accessorise and accentuate with colour. Use stronger colours on smaller items throughout the home, such as throws, rugs and cushions.

DO opt for quality, durable furnishings. Not only will these last longer, but they will look more attractive to holidaymakers than cheaper alternatives.

DO put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Think about what you would like to find on arrival at a holiday home and use that to guide you. For more guidance, have a look at our tips on furnishing and equipping your holiday home for paying guests

DO consider the climate. You want your guests to be comfortable, so air-conditioning and fans are a good idea for hotter climates, while central heating and extra blankets will go down well in cooler locations and during the winter months.

DON'T leave your clutter lying about. Designate a lockable cupboard where you can store your personal belongings while you're letting your holiday home to guests.

DON'T forget your surroundings. If your holiday home is near the beach (and sand) or a rural retreat (with mud), place doormats and boot scrapers by the doors to minimise potential dirt damage and think about darker furnishings.

DON'T go over the top with cutting edge design. Unless you're targeting the top end of the market, stick to simple elegance and durable furnishings.