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Welcome packs for pets

Own a pet-friendly property? Don’t forget, it’s not just your guests who are on holiday.

By providing a welcome pack for pets, you'll be making the holiday easier for those travelling with pets and it's sure to impress.

Here are some ideas for giving four-legged friends a warm welcome too:

  • A personal letter to the furry friend, welcoming them to your home and establishing doggie and moggy rules, can be a nice touch and a gentle reminder about behaviour during their stay.

  • Leaflets about local walking spots, the nearest vet and emergency numbers can be indispensable for travelling pet owners.

  • Compile a list of pet-friendly beaches so that your guests don't need to research this themselves.

  • A temporary collar tag with their name and address can be useful for more adventurous pets.

A pet welcome hamper will also be appreciated and could include:

  • Cat nip treats or a new chew bone for dogs are always welcome after a long car journey.

  • A couple of tennis balls can help make the most of outdoor space or long countryside walks, and small toy balls and string can keep cats occupied while they get used to their new surroundings.

  • Separate water and food bowls can save guests from bringing their own.

  • Some spare waste bags or an extra pack of cat litter will also be appreciated.

  • A spare cat/dog carrier.

Author: Jessica, Customer service advisor

Date: February 2012