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Welcome packs - a template

Taking the booking is only the beginning of your communication with your guests.

It's important that you help out visitors as much as possible, not only will this make their stay easier but will also help to encourage repeat bookings, as guests will appreciate the efforts you've made.

Here at Holiday Lettings, we've come up with some sample documents that may give you some inspiration. To find out more, read on...

Helping holidaymakers find your holiday home

Sample pictorial directions

It's important that people know exactly how to find their holiday home. If your property is in a large complex or requires complicated instructions and various stages to find, then think about offering a pictorial guide to locating the property - pictures are easy to follow and will help guests arrive at their destination with minimal effort.

Have a look at our example and see how you can produce something similar (this is a large file and may take time to download).

Emergency contact details template for guests at your holiday home

Emergency contact details

People often let their guard down on holiday, but it's still important to know where to find help when needed. Once your guests have safely arrived you can provide them with a list of emergency contacts, should they need them during their stay. Accidents happen, so details like the nearest doctors' surgery or hospital, as well as your own contact details, are vital for holidaymakers, especially when in a foreign country.

We've put together an emergency contact details template that you can download and adapt for your own purposes.

Local amenities form template

If your guests want to buy stamps for postcards, pick up some milk for tea or book a taxi to bring them home after a night out, then this form will give them all the details they need as well as other useful contacts.

Guide to the holiday home template

You may know your holiday home inside out, but your guests are sure to appreciate a helping hand. This form provides essential 'need to know' information about your property; from bedrooms to bathrooms and everything in between, your guests will soon find their way.

Local attractions form

Point your guests in the right direction when it comes to things to do in the area. Do the research for them and list details of your nearest and recommended attractions on this form; leaving them more time to enjoy themselves.

We hope you find these documents useful, but if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.