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5 reasons why logging in often can boost bookings

Speaking with many holiday home owners every day, we often find that some are not aware that simply logging into their Holiday Lettings account often and keeping their advert up to date can encourage more enquiries.

Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Holidaymakers rely on up to date availability calendars and can see the date that the calendar was last updated just below it. A calendar that's not been updated in a while raises their concerns that other elements of the advert may be out of date. You don’t have to make any changes to your calendar to update it. There’s a link in ‘Stage 6’ of your Home Management page that you can simply click on to notify us that the calendar is correct. Take a look at our ‘How to’ guide which will talk you though updating. FACT: a more recently updated availability calendar pushes your advert up higher in date related search results, so it's a win win situation: happy holidaymakers and a better performing advert.

  2. Your rental rates should be displayed for at least six months into the future, but we advise showing rates for as far into the future as possible. Create rental rate tables for all group sizes accepted (you can have up to three rental rates tables). Allow for those planning ahead, as well as those seeking short breaks. It may seem obvious but if you’ve changed your rates recently, make sure you update them on your advert. Holidaymakers are likely to feel misled and may not continue with their booking if the price you quote after they have made their enquiry is considerably different to the price shown on the advert. Watch our video guide for a reminder on how to update your rental rates.

  3. Up to date contact details. We don’t want you to miss out on enquiries so if you change your email address, telephone number or any other contact information, you’ll need to change this on your account by logging in and visiting the ‘Edit my details’ page in Home Management.

  4. Keep your advert a fresh, enticing holiday offering by updating the descriptions and photo gallery every so often. If a new attraction has recently opened in your area, be sure to mention this in your advert. It’s a good idea to change your photos according to the season. For example, if winter is on its way, include some cosy interior photos and area picutres of places to visit during winter. For further tips on keeping your advert current, take a look at our advice page.

  5. Double check your enquiries and advert performance by visiting your ‘Inbox’ in Home Management. For peace of mind, make sure that the enquiries here correspond with the enquiries you’ve received to your email address and contact us if you notice any problems. You can monitor the performance of your advert through your inbox too so you can see the difference after putting the above advice into practice.

For an insight into the importance of keeping your advert up to date, this page reveals the top five reasons holidaymakers don't make that booking.

Author: Kate, customer communicaitons executive

Date: April 2012