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International Dialling Codes and World Time Zones

The list of international dialling codes and world time zones below could be useful for you when dealing with enquiries. To find a particular country or code, press the 'control' and 'F' buttons on your keyboard at the same time and type in what you want to search for.

To make an international call:

  1. Dial the international access code (00 if calling from most of Europe, 011 from the USA)

  2. Dial the country code

  3. Dial the phone number, omitting the first digit

For example: to call from Europe, dial 0044 1865 312000

Country Dialling Code Time Difference (from GMT)
Albania93+1 hour
Andorra376+1 hour
Anguilla1 264-4 hours
Antigua and Barbuda1 268-4 hours
Argentina54-3 hours
Aruba297-4 hours
Australia61+8-11 hours
Austria43+1 hour
Bahamas1 242-5 hours
Barbados1 246-4 hours
Belarus375+2 hours
Belgium32+1 hour
Belize501-6 hours
Bermuda1 441-4 hours
Bolivia591-4 hours
Bosnia-Herzegovina387+1 hour
Brazil55-3 hours
Bulgaria359+2 hours
Canada1-5 to -8 hours
Cape Verde238-1 hour
Cayman Islands1 345-5 hours
Chile56-4 hours
China86+8 hours
Colombia57-5 hours
Costa Rica506-6 hours
Croatia385+1 hour
Cuba53-5 hours
Cyprus357+2 hours
Czech Republic420+1 hour
Denmark45+1 hour
Dominican Republic1 809-4 hours
Egypt20+2 hours
Estonia372+2 hours
Faroe Islands298GMT
Fiji679+12 hours
Finland358+2 hours
France33+1 hour
Georgia995+4 hours
Germany49+1 hour
Ghana233+1 hour
Greece30+2 hours
Grenada1 473-4 hours
Guatemala502-6 hours
Holland31+1 hour
Honduras504-6 hours
Hong Kong852+8 hours
Hungary36+1 hour
India91+5.5 hours
Indonesia62+7 to +8 hours
Israel972+2 hours
Italy39+1 hour
Jamaica1 876-5 hours
Japan81+9 hours
Jordan962+2 hours
Kenya7+3 hours
Laos856+7 hours
Latvia371+2 hours
Lithuania370+2 hours
Luxembourg352+1 hour
Macedonia389+1 hour
Madagascar261+3 hours
Malaysia60+8 hours
Maldives960+5 hours
Malta356+1 hour
Mauritius230+4 hours
Mexico52-6 hours
Moldova373+2 hours
Monaco377+1 hour
Montenegro382+1 hour
Nepal977+6 hours
Netherlands31+1 hour
New Caledonia687+11 hours
New Zealand64+12 hours
Northern Cyprus90 392+2 hours
Northern Ireland443/353 048GMT
Norway47+1 hour
Panama507-5 hours
Peru51-5 hours
Philippines63 +8 hours
Poland48+1 hour
Portugal351GMT/+1 hour
Romania40+2 hours
Samoa684/685-11 hours
Seychelles48+4 hours
Singapore65+8 hours
Slovakia421+1 hour
Slovenia386+1 hour
South Africa27+2 hours
Spain34+1 hour
Sri Lanka94+5.5 hours
St Kitts and Nevis1 869-4 hours
St Lucia1 758-4 hours
St Maarten/Saint Martin599-4 hours
St Vincent and the Grenadines1 784-4 hours
Sweden46+1 hour
Switzerland41+1 hour
Tanzania255+3 hours
Thailand66+7 hours
Trinidad and Tobago1 868-4 hours
Tunisia216+1 hour
Turkey90+2 hours
Ukraine380+2 hours
United Arab Emirates (UAE)971+4 hours
United Kingdom (UK)44GMT
Uruguay598-3 hours
US Virgin Islands1 284-4 hours
USA (Continental)1-5 to -8 hours
Venezuela58-4 hours
Vietnam84+7 hours