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How to get keys to guests

If you're not able to meet your guests on arrival, you need to have a failsafe way of making sure keys to the holiday home get to them in time.

Even if you live hundreds of miles from the property, there's a range of options to think about, so you're sure to find a way that suits your individual needs.

Whichever method you choose, make sure the full balance has cleared in your account before sending keys or necessary details.

It's also a good idea to leave a spare set of keys with a contact in the area (even if this isn't your primary method) in case guests lock themselves out.

We've outlined the main methods of key handover below:

Send the keys in the post

  • If you choose to post your keys, then consider sending them by recorded delivery for extra security.

  • Post them in with plenty of time to spare to make sure they arrive before your guests depart for their holiday.

  • Provide a self-addressed envelope for guests to post the keys back to you upon return.

  • Just in case the keys get lost or delayed in the post, leave a back-up set of keys with a local contact near the property.

Ask someone in the area to hold your keys

  • Leave your keys with a trustworthy friend or neighbour who can meet your guests or leave keys for their arrival.

  • If your contact won't be available make sure you arrange alternative key arrangements.

Use a key safe

  • Attach a fixed position key safe with combination lock to the outside wall (but out of direct view) of your holiday home and leave your keys in this.

  • Give your guests the code before they depart for their holiday so they can let themselves in on arrival.

  • This is particularly useful when guests arrive late in the evening or earlier than expected.

  • Some key safes have reprogrammable combination locks, so you or a contact can change the code between guests.

Use a property management company

  • A property management company should handle all aspects of changeover, including key holding or a 'meet and greet' service.

  • Make sure you use a reliable company: ask other homeowners for recommendations.

  • Also search in our property services directory.