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Flexible changeover days

Many holiday home owners renting our their properties opt for a fixed changeover day, especially during the peak months. However, as an increasing number of travellers opt to take short breaks, it can pay to be flexible.

If you manage the rental yourself and are restricted by your working hours, it may be that a set changeover day works for you. But if you can afford a degree of flexibility, you'll be opening your holiday home up to a whole new market.

Before you set your changeover day, consider the benefits of being flexible:

  • The traditional Saturday to Saturday booking is no longer every traveller's first choice. More people are choosing to escape for a few days, either for a long weekend or a mid-week break. Being flexible with your changeover day means your property will appeal to these holidaymakers too.

  • The cheapest air fares aren't necessarily to be found for weekend flights. Budget conscious holidaymakers may prefer to travel off peak and will look for properties abroad with flexible changeover days.

  • New airline routes make it easier for holidaymakers to travel overseas on a mini break. A flexible changeover day will let them find the cheapest fares.

  • Holidaymakers travelling without school-age children may prefer to travel during the week to take advantage of quieter roads and cheaper air fares.

  • If you have no problem filling weeks with a fixed changeover day during peak season, but have empty dates out of season you won't be maximising rental income opportunities year round. A flexible changeover day out of season could help you bring in the bookings for those difficult to fill dates.